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Julie Hinton Green, a certified Reiki Master in Toronto, is ready to collaborate with you to tap into the wisdom of universal consciousness. She assists in raising awareness and overcoming mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages. Julie combines Timeline Therapy™️, NLP, and Hypnosis in each session to guide you toward discovering a new life of excellence! 

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A Message from Julie

Julie Hinton Green, a certified master Reiki Healing in Toronto, offers her services internationally through Distance Reiki Sessions, empowering individuals to release deep-seated trauma triggers and dispel negative energy. Drawing from diverse modalities such as Timeline Therapy®, NLP, and hypnosis, Julie crafts transformative sessions that leave clients astounded. With an emphasis on commitment, she advises undertaking 4 to 6 sessions for genuine transformation or breakthrough. Recognizing a growing trend, Julie has observed that more clients prefer distance sessions online, allowing them to remain in the comfort of their own surroundings while still experiencing profound healing and a sense of inner strength and well-being.

Julie Hinton-Green, Reiki Master in Toronto, Standing with a statue in her left arm.

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Full Chakra Balancing

Unlock your full potential and live a life of balance, vitality, and fulfillment.

Distance Reiki

Reiki Distance Healing is a technique that enables you to have a deeply rewarding Reiki session beyond the limitations of time and space.

Reiki For Anxiety & Depression

Utilize Reiki to send Universal Light Energy to the body.

Traditional Reiki

Increase the flow of positive energy within your body.

Equine Reiki

Equines just like us have Chakras that need to be brought into balance so the chi and healthy light energy can properly flow.

Timeline Therapy®

Unlock Your Potential, Heal Past Traumas, and Create a Brighter Future.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Transform Your Life through Understanding, Communication, and Personal Growth.

Reiki For Trauma

The powerful practice of Reiki serves as a guiding light to help with Trauma Release. 


Unlock transformative potential with hypnotherapy: Enhance well-being, conquer challenges, and foster personal growth through the power of the subconscious mind.

Nurturing Body and Spirit for Reiki Energy Flow

In the realm of holistic well-being, there exists a profound connection between our physical health and the flow of Reiki energy. This synergy between the tangible and the metaphysical creates a harmonious path to optimal living. We embark on a journey through the realms of nutrition, hydration, and mindful choices to understand how these factors can either bolster or hinder the manifestation of Reiki energy through our central nervous system. It is a journey toward a brighter, more vibrant existence where we resonate in harmony with the universe.

The Role of Nutrition: Fueling the Body and Soul

  • A balanced diet is the cornerstone of well-being, a key that unlocks the full potential of our energetic systems.
  • Opting for a plant-based diet, rich in vibrant fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, not only nurtures our physical health but also supports the intricate network of energy centers known as chakras.
  • Plant-based nutrition is akin to a symphony, each bite resonating with the frequencies of life. These nutrient-rich foods infuse our bodies with the vitality needed to keep energy flowing smoothly.
  • The Root Chakra, our foundation, thrives on the grounding force of plant-based nourishment, allowing us to feel secure, balanced, and deeply connected to the earth.

Hydration and Energy Flow: The Elixir of Life

  • Staying hydrated is more than quenching physical thirst; it’s a vital elixir for the flow of Reiki energy.
  • Dehydration, on the other hand, can stifle the very movement of energy in our bodies. Imagine a river that cannot flow freely, blocked by parched earth. Similarly, a dehydrated body disrupts the graceful dance of energy through our central nervous system.
  • As Reiki practitioners, our devotion to self-care includes honoring the sacred dance between water and spirit, ensuring that the channels remain open and vibrant. Hydration is the riverbed that allows the waters of life to flow with grace.

Avoiding Harmful Substances: Clearing the Path

  • Alcohol and drugs, often sought as temporary escapes, can unwittingly block or disrupt the flow of Reiki energy.
  • These substances cloud the mind, creating turbulence in the otherwise serene waters of our consciousness. It’s as if a heavy fog obscures the path, making it challenging for energy to traverse freely.
  • By choosing sobriety and clarity, we allow the channels to remain open and unobstructed, ensuring that Reiki energy finds its way with ease.

Choosing Plant-Based Foods: Vibrational Alignment

  • A plant-based diet is more than a mere nutritional choice; it’s a profound alignment with the vibrational qualities of Reiki energy.
  • The very essence of plant-based foods resonates with the universal life force. Each bite, each meal, becomes a sacred communion with the energetic web of existence.
  • This alignment creates a harmonious resonance between our bodies and the universe, facilitating the flow of Reiki energy and enhancing our connection to the higher self.

Minimizing Sugar and Processed Foods: Nurturing Authenticity

  • Excessive sugar and processed foods can lead us away from our true selves.
  • These distractions, often laden with artificial energies, divert us from the authentic flow of life force within. They create a cacophony of cravings that drown out the subtle whispers of our inner wisdom.
  • In minimizing these distractions and returning to natural, whole foods, we find clarity and authenticity. Our energy centers respond with greater vibrancy, as we realign with the pure essence of Reiki energy.

Pesticides and Toxins: Protecting the Temple

  • The temple of our body deserves the utmost care and respect.
  • Pesticides and toxins in our food can threaten this sacred space. These harmful substances disrupt the harmony of our energy centers, clouding the pathways of Reiki energy.
  • Choosing organic and pesticide-free options is a declaration of love for the temple that houses our spirit. It ensures a pure and unencumbered channel for Reiki energy to flow.

Conclusion: An Energetic Journey of Self-Care

In closing, our journey through the interplay of a healthy lifestyle and Reiki energy reveals a profound truth: our well-being is an orchestration of body, mind, and spirit. Nurturing our physical vessel through a plant-based diet, hydration, and the avoidance of harmful substances is a sacred act. As Reiki practitioners, we are the guardians of our energetic flow, stewards of our inner harmony. Let us remember that our choices ripple through the tapestry of our existence, creating a symphony of vibrancy and vitality. Embrace the path of mindful choices, for in doing so, you unlock the gateway to Reiki energy, allowing it to flow freely through your central nervous system. Embrace this journey of self-care, and may the resonance of your existence harmonize with the universal life force, forever nurturing body and spirit.

Meet Julie Hinton-Green

In this day in age with all that is going on around us, it can be so hard to quiet your mind, relax your body, spiritually connect and to get your creative energy flowing.  In life, we must always set the intention to be the best version of ourselves.  Let me help you on your path to find balance, happiness and fulfillment in your life.

I’m a certified yoga and pilates instructor but my main focus has become intuitive energy work through Reiki Healing in Toronto and other healing techniques.  I always incorporate different breathing methods to help bring the body into its most relaxed state before we start our session. I offer a few different options so please read all the descriptions in my service section and pick the one you feel most connected to.  All sessions start with a consultation card review, so we can work together to bring as much healing, clarity and opening up into your session as possible.  For the deepest healing plan I recommend my 4 sessions over a 6 weeks plan.  Keeping a journal during this period and creating space to meditate even for five minutes a day are super empowering and helpful.

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