6 Benefits to daily meditation to help improve your life

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Julie Hinton-Green

Daily life can sometimes feel overwhelming, exhausting, and hectic trying to balance career, kids and relationships. Sometimes it seems there’s never enough time in the day to get it all done. Whatever your circumstances, it can be easier than you think to propel your life to the next level. Meditation is free, can be done anywhere and only takes a few moments of your time. Here are some benefits to meditation, and they may even surprise you!

Stress reduction: Everyone can use help in lowering their stress levels. Taking a moment to centre yourself, calm your breathing and take a break from life can help you feel better instantly

Increased focus: So many people struggle with productivity and motivation. Some research has shown how meditation can actually improve your concentration lengthening your attention span which can be helpful when trying to juggle so many things in a day!

Improved mental health: Everyone can benefit from improvement including Different studies have proven how meditation can improve your self-esteem, reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and give you a more positive outlook on life!

Better sleep: Many people have a hard time falling and staying asleep for a myriad of reasons. This can be related to stress, physical health, caffeine or stimulant use among others. Taking a few moments daily for deep breaths or visualizing stress melting away or yourself falling asleep can help improve your sleep patterns. It can help you learn to redirect your thoughts more easily

Improved physical health: There’s been many studies done demonstrating how meditation can decrease stress on the heart, resulting in lowering your blood pressure. Other studies have shown how chronic pain can be improved by meditation since it is perception of pain is related to your mindset and thoughts. Since meditation can lower stress levels and perspective, it can also help with weight loss by helping you to make better choices with food intake.

Helps with addiction: Sometimes people find themselves using substances more than usual which can be marijuana, alcohol or even caffeine. It’s helpful to check in with yourself about the increase and why that might be. Maybe you were just having a great time with friends, or maybe you’re trying to avoid something. Whatever it is, incorporating a regular meditation practice can help you connect with yourself and avoid making choices that won’t resonate with your authentic self.


Julie Hinton-Green



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Julie Hinton-Green

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Julie Hinton-Green is a Reiki and Energy therapist who is also certified in Timeline Therapy, NLP, hypnosis. Julie brings inner peace through relieving stress and anxiety by centering, balancing and grounding you. Learn more about Julie here, or connect on Facebook and Instagram.

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