6 Key Reasons Why You Should Be Incorporating Breathwork Into Your Daily Routine

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Julie Hinton-Green

Out with the bad, and in with the oxygen

The way that we breathe has a greater effect on our wellbeing than many of us realize.

Enter breathwork. As a widely practiced and all-natural method for achieving relaxation
alongside a host of other amazing health benefits, nothing quite compares to these tried
and true breathing exercises that are not only convenient and enjoyable to practice, but
completely free!

In other words, breathwork is an absolute gift – and it’s up to us to unwrap the present.
This article will explore 6 of the top (and scientifically-vetted) ways that breathwork can
transform your wellbeing for the better. So breathe in, breathe out, and get ready for a
new breath of fresh air:

1. Breathwork helps to reduce anxiety and shift your focus to the

Perhaps the greatest benefit of breathwork for many is its ability to provide effective
relief from stress and anxiety, especially when practiced daily. The more oxygen is
welcomed into the body, the more our cortisol (the body’s main stress hormone) levels
are able to decrease.

Copious studies have been performed to better understand how breathwork can
influence the body’s stress response or serve as a coping strategy. One study, in
particular, found that participants who followed a diaphragmatic breathing program
consisting of daily breathwork achieved a significant reduction in anxiety scores.

Furthermore, as breathwork is a mindfulness technique, it also helps those of us with
hyperactive, anxious or dissociative minds to ground ourselves in the present moment
and contently live in the now. Such breathing actually informs our nervous systems that
we are safe, and it’s truly a beautiful thing.

2. It helps to boost your energy and natural immunity.

Another amazing benefit of daily breathwork is its ability to boost a person’s energy
levels, in addition to boosting their immune system. The immune system is a critical component to our overall health and wellbeing, and naturally, goes hand-in-hand with
how energized we tend to feel on a day-to-day basis.

Moreover, doing deep breathing exercises enables our bodies to clear out more carbon
monoxide and breathe in more oxygen, which then works to empower the cells
responsible for keeping us healthy and active.

In a 2020 article , Dr. Jeremy Montrose discusses how improper breathing can contribute
to a weakened immune system. For example, shallow breathing can be caused by
stress, thus setting off the sympathetic nervous system and increasing the presence of
systemic inflammation in the body.

3. It contributes to an improved mood and greater self-esteem.

Breathwork can be a fantastic solution for improving overall mood, and can even act as
a stepping stone to building more self-confidence. This is due to the grounding nature of
breathwork, because when we’re focused on the present moment with nothing negative
to distract us, we are more open to the calming sensations and positive emotions life
has to offer, such as happiness, gratitude, and even self-love.

On the topic of improved mood with breathwork, these exercises have also been found
to be an effective management tool for depression when combined with other
treatments such as prescribed antidepressants.

4. Breathwork promotes healing from past traumas.

Many advanced breathwork techniques specialize in healing as a focus, including
guided healing experiences, which can be highly therapeutic for anyone who is
struggling with mental illness, PTSD, or working to overcome past traumas.‍

In fact, a study that observed US military veterans suffering from PTSD found that
participants who partook in Sudarshan Kriya Yoga, which involves three breathing
techniques, demonstrated fewer symptoms and a decline in distress and anxiety.

5. It even helps to lower blood pressure while improving circulation.

Breathwork has even been proven to significantly lower blood pressure while also
improving the flow of blood circulation throughout the body — both critical factors
influencing systemic health. With that being said, routinely practicing breathwork
exercises can serve as another defence against heath disease.

Additionally, because of the benefit of improved circulation and relaxation, regular
breathwork can also help to provide relief from digestive issues such as constipation,
diarrhea, and IBS.

6. Breathwork leads to a better night’s rest.

We all deserve an all-access pass to peaceful, dreamy, quality sleep – especially when
we need it the most. But the reality is, many of us suffer from insomnia on most nights,
continually preventing us from getting that much-needed shut-eye for at least 6-8 hours.
Fortunately, however, this is yet another area where breathwork truly shines, as it’s one
of the top-rated natural sleep aid solutions recommended by professionals today.

A study published by Front Psychiatry uncovered that self-regulated breathing was
effective in helping subjects with insomnia to relax and fall asleep, while also suggesting
that slow breathing exercises served as a more successful solution for insomnia
compared to other pharmaceutical options.

Combine breathwork with Reiki to achieve your
optimal wellness goals

Julie Hinton-Green is here to help you start anew this fall and winter by guiding you
through feel-good breathwork exercises and administering the healing energy of Reiki to
flow through your chakras.

Will you accept this invitation to a clearer and more joyful mind, body and spirit?

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Julie Hinton-Green



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Julie Hinton-Green

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Julie Hinton-Green is a Reiki and Energy therapist who is also certified in Timeline Therapy, NLP, hypnosis. Julie brings inner peace through relieving stress and anxiety by centering, balancing and grounding you. Learn more about Julie here, or connect on Facebook and Instagram.

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