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Diamond light energy and my personal Reiki growth in 2022

Julie Hinton-Green - Reiki Master in Toronto

Opportunities to connect to new energy fields are always becoming available to us. With that said, I’ve noticed that I stopped referring to my sessions as “Reiki sessions”, and now identify them under a more broader term of energy work.

When I first started out as a Reiki master in Toronto, I was only using the Reiki “symbols”, which I now wouldn’t merely classify as symbols. In actuality, they serve a purpose as vortexes and portholes of energy that are being opened up for the client.

Recently, I have become more aware and active in the channeling of diamond light energy that is said to have began flowing here on earth in 2019.  Diamond light energy is the strongest, most powerful flow available to us. It channels in pink, gold, and bright white light.

My own personal growth over the last four years has been astonishing to me! When I was deemed a Reiki master in Toronto in 2018, I thought that I had all the tools I needed to help provide my clients with the ability to separate themselves from living in the mind (our human mind wants to always be involved in our lives).

However, although the mind can be helpful with evolving us into successful human beings, it can also play tricks on us by getting us to live within its constraints. This, in turn, can expose us to negative beliefs and practices such as judging ourselves and others, or making us feel like we’re not good enough or worthy of love. Because the mind always wants to be busy, jumping around from thought to thought and idea to idea, it can get in the way of our productivity at times – making it that much more difficult to complete even the simplest of tasks.

Mental illness is moving through our society at a rapid pace, and energy work is here to help us come out of the mind and connect to a different source of energy. The more you learn to connect to this essence of being and tap into these new portholes and vortexes, the more you will be able to clear away your own negative thoughts, emotions, and symptoms of depression or anxiety.

My calling to new energy sources was truly eye-opening.

While I was previously attuned to the Reiki symbols in my understandings and practices, it wasn’t long until something else inside of me told me that I should continue to search for new light masters to teach me different ways to connect to source. And although I believe that God is our most powerful source of energy in powering all of the late masters, the spirit guides and angels that move around us present different avenues to tap into, and I was well on my way to becoming a Reiki Master in Toronto.

When I would receive sessions from others, they would often talk about Lord Shiva and Mother Gaia, and while I felt their energy come through, I could never pinpoint exactly what was happening. After I completed a 12-week course that activated each and everyone of my chakras, I had changed my own inner soul.

Generally speaking, most Reiki masters work with the six main chakras that line up directly through the middle of the body. But the truth is, the soul star chakra located 6 inches above the head is an incredibly empowering entry point to bring awareness and channel energy to.

Activating my own soul star chakra has allowed me to become almost obsessed with introducing this chakra to my clients. There is also an earth star chakra located 6 inches below the feet that anchors you into this lifetime, bringing your soul’s knowledge of other lives along with the highest part of your being into this reality and into this real.

Julie Hinton-Green, Reiki Master in Toronto

From a young age, I knew I could trust the Universe to guide me.

In my early twenties, I was always excited to experiment with different meditation techniques, and to learn all that I could about yoga and its spiritual quality. Fortunately, the dedication and hard work I put into studying and perfecting these techniques helped reveal to me my true self.

Although we are constantly growing and changing with each passing day, I know that my destiny here on earth is to help spread Peace, Love and Light to others – and each one possesses a valuable purpose:

To bring Peace:

To provide someone with peace is to help them feel grounded and balanced in all aspects of life. Peace helps quiet the mind and the inner voice. It helps us to become aware of our own energy patterns and habits, and helps shift us in a positive direction.

To bring Love:

To provide someone with love is to help them live from a place of gratitude, and to teach them to appreciate all that they already have. The more we give thanks for what we already have, the more things naturally flow our way.

To bring Light:

As a Reiki Master in Toronto, to provide someone with light is to help them connect with and open their eyes to the pure, calming beauty of nature and animals.

Most importantly, these qualities help us to move through life treating others the way we would want to be treated. The Universal light force energy in our body and the energy field around it, called the aura, bring light and clarity; helping us to move away from darkness and toward the natural healing process.

These qualities also restore physical and emotional well being. Through becoming a Reiki Master in Toronto and performing other healing energy techniques, I help my clients to feel connected to their higher power/Universal intelligence which leads them to feel safe, happy, and generally grateful for life. Light energy can then be passed on to others throughout their day.

Knowing that we are not alone on this journey and that we are all connected can be deeply comforting on both a conscious and subconscious level.

A little back history…

When I was in my mid 20’s, I had opportunities to compete in bikini contests, fitness competitions and pageants, including Miss Universe Canada 2004.

I had opportunities to travel around the world where I did both photo shoots and make-up for other models. I had a very blessed opportunity to shoot three solo calendars in Ibiza, Mykonos and Toronto. I also made appearances at trade shows and at big fitness events like Mr. Olympia and The Arnold classic. I was also blessed during my twenties to become a full ACTRA member, which has allowed me to work in film, television and commercials for over twelve years now.

Even though it seemed as though outer body image was the focus, I always stayed true to being a good, kind hearted, positive-energy individual.

I can confidently say that all of my successes would not have been reached to their full potential if I was not a good person with a genuine soul. Karma has a powerful way of keeping the energy you put out flowing back to you.

My Journey To Becoming a Reiki Master in Toronto

My path to becoming a Reiki Master in Toronto has been a truly incredible one; one of continuous and never-ending discovery. Below is the story of how I got where I am today.

Enlightened beginnings

In 2006, my gateway into Light, Energy, Spirits, The Universe and uplifting Mantras designed to raise vibrations came into fruition – and this is thanks to a truly powerful and wise Teacher, Astrologist and Life Enhancement Coach, Chantal Patenaude. Chantal has been teaching and leading conferences in the Toronto area and in Arizona for over 30 years. After years of practicing yoga, mantras and meditation, I wanted to deepen my spiritual connection with everything in our Universe, as well as learn how to harness my own energy.

Completing Reiki Level 1

In 2010, decided to take my Reiki Level 1 with Lorena Colarusso (www.lorenacolarusso.com) – a registered Psychotherapist, Certified Professional Coach, Certified Emotional Clearing Facilitator and Master NLP Practitioner with advanced training in various somatic and Energetic Therapies. Before I was ready to complete my Reiki Level 1, I needed to complete a clearing within myself – and Lorena was the perfect person to help me get started. But due to our differing locations, I felt that it was time to find a new Reiki Master to guide me on my path.

In 2011, I started working with Sandra Levy, who is also an amazing Psychotherapist and Hypnotist.

Sandra studied at Transformational Arts College and currently teaches there. Although Sandra never taught me Reiki, I went for regular sessions with her over the years where she did Reiki on me, and I continue to practice what I have learned. Experiencing the sessions from the client’s point of view has helped me to understand what I want to incorporate into my practice, and has helped with my personal learning. Sandra was the one who taught me about sound as a healing morality, and well as its essential role in creating clearing in people and animals.

Completing Reiki Level 2

In 2015, I was ready to take my Reiki Level 2 – and felt it would be a good idea to start this level with someone who didn’t know me or anything about my life. It would be a new, fresh start. And so, I started studying with Paul Lara (www.qibelly.com), the owner of QiBelly who teaches Reiki, Meditation, Qi Gong, Ti Chi.

Paul was completely different than the other two teachers I studied with, which made sense since he studied in Japan and China learning classic Chinese lineages. The symbols and mantras were different, but I welcomed and enjoyed a newfound energy field. After completing the weeks required to get my Level 2 certificate, I began to practice on family, friends and clients.

Completing Reiki Level 3

In 2016, I felt like I had more learning to do, as learning is a lifelong process. I was fortunate to have found a teacher and mentor that I connected with in every way by the name of Vivian Osal (www.osal.ca). Simply being in her presence made me want to learn everything she knew.

Vivian is a Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master, Trance Channeller and Intuitive Healer who works with Past Life Regression and The Akashic Records. I decided to retake my Reiki Level 2 with Vivian and continued to complete my Reiki Level 3 Personal mastery level, as well as my Level 1 in learning how to read Akashic Records with her, too.

Julie telling her story of becoming a Reiki Master in Toronto

Reiki Growth During Covid-19 Lockdown

During the Covid lockdown, I completed two profoundly powerful and eye-opening online courses through MindValley:

First course: The Silva Ultamind System by Jose Silva

In the early 1960’s, the late Jose Silva created the Ultramind ESP System to help individuals tap into different levels of the mind using alpha, theta and delta wave frequencies. Being able to tap into these levels of mind allows one to unleash new confidence, and creativity, and to be open to intuitive guidance from a higher consciousness. Using the system, it feels like you’ve opened up a new portal to receive and feel new information. As you move through this 28-day course, it teaches you that from a pure level of mind, you have the ability to help any living human, animal or plant on this earth both mentally and physically. And since my profession is channelling Reiki energy, I’ve used this system to help myself move into a deeper level of mind before I start working with my clients. Jose Silva is a brilliant man with a huge following who performed workshops all over the world. He created the 3 to 1 method that quickly and easily allows people to relax both physically and mentally, so they can access this new flow of consciousness. The method includes repeating positive affirmations and highly suggestive sensory projections to open up individuals to their own realm of new possibilities and experiences.

I invite anyone reading this to listen to one of Jose’s recordings on YouTube so you can fully understand the power it can bring you too:

Second course: The 5 Steps to Reprogram Your Mind for Abundance by Marisa Peer

During this course, we learned how to understand the programming of the mind. Marisa teaches you how to help your clients and yourself bring abundance for wealth health and love into the real world by letting go of the past.

Marisa is world-renowned for her experiences of rapid transformational therapy using hypnosis. Her famous techniques have helped olympians, CEOs and others live their best lives. My greatest takeaway from this course, besides enjoying the opportunity to move deeper and deeper down into trace-like states (which I appreciate profoundly for myself and my clients), was that we have the ability to reprogram our own minds.

Almost all of our outlooks on money, the relationships we have with our physical bodies and the people we attract into our lives has been programmed from your childhood. We develop thoughts, feelings and emotions through watching our parents deal with these three pivotal aspects of their lives, and through watching them, we’ve created our own habits and patterns.

But we must all understand confidently with guidance through Reiki and other modalities that you we hold the power to change our lives, and change the way in which we Interpret the world around us.

Where I Am Today

Now, in my early forties after years of studying and completing my Reiki courses, and becoming a Reiki Master in Toronto, life has a totally different feel to it. I’m confident, mature, possess a sense of clarity and am grounded in my roots. With that being said, I understand that my journey of learning will never be over, and always keep an understanding of the types of people and things I need to surrounded myself with.

I keep a positive energy field for myself, my two wonderful children, Dylan and Faith, and my husband, Dr. Aubrey Green. I live out my belief that creating and maintaining a positive space, both in my professional and personal life, is an important responsibility that benefits the important people in my life.

I am also thrilled to announce that I am a new dog mom to two toy poodles named Peachie and Prince! The Covid-19 pandemic made it apparent that our family could use some additional sources of love and light in the form of furry companions. These two were exactly what our family needed to stay mentally healthy during that draining Covid lockdown. I had no idea how much loving, healthy and joyous energy dogs could bring!

Growing up, my mom was always afraid of dogs, so I never had the opportunity to enjoy and create a bond with them. I would highly recommend dog/puppy adoption to anyone who is feeling depressed and lonely, provided they have the means to support one in their lives. Even if you have a big beautiful family, introducing a loving dog into the mix will create all kinds of new and powerful energy chords for each and everyone of you.

More on my experience during the Covid lockdown…

During the first Covid lockdown in March 2020, I chose not to renew my lease for my office in Yorkville, as a master of Reiki in Toronto. With growing uncertainties of if and when I could finally see clients in person, I knew it did not make sense to keep it. And although I knew it was the right choice, I still had very strong feelings of sadness, disappointment and annoyance, and felt as though I had failed. It uncovered a deep fear of the unknown – but we are all human, and I knew that it was normal to feel these very real, raw emotions. Thank goodness I Reike’d myself every night to get through it! (Haha).

Once time passed and things cleared up, I made the beautiful decision to operate out of my husband’s clinic in Thornhill: “Dr. GREEN‘s Health and Wellness”. Being able to offer my clients free and convenient parking has allowed my them to feel so much more at ease when travelling for our sessions. The clinic also provides an overwhelming feeling of trust, loyalty and safety – and has also allowed my clients to tap in to chiropractic appointments and RMT massages.

Fortunately, choosing to operate out of my husband’s clinic today ended up being the most blessed decision I could’ve made.

P.S.: Please feel free to check out my teachers’ sites (linked to their names) and, if you feel a connection to any of them, indulge in a session! Having a positive, clear connection of love and trust is the most important thing you need when choosing who to connect with in your session.

Julie working at Addiction Rehab Toronto,

What I’ve Learned Working at Addiction Rehab Toronto

Over the last six years I have been working at Addiction Rehab Toronto, an alcohol and drug treatment centre, which has provided me with the opportunity to work with people from all different walks of life.

The end result is always the same: people need a constructive and safe space to lead them deeper into their healing process. They need Universal energy from their higher power to change old energy patterns and habits. Being a Reiki Master in Toronto and performing healing energy work can help them heal from within on a number of levels. As Reiki energy moves through the body, it helps to bring areas of emotional and physical hurt/pain into balance. It even helps to release things that have happened many, many years ago.

In 2016, I went through a bit of a down period myself.

In 2016 I went through a bit of a down period myself.  My dad was diagnosed with stage four skin cancer in April and by September 29th, two days after my birthday, he passed away peacefully in my arms.  I had the opportunity to perform Reiki on him, my mom, sister and brothers as we all sat with him during the laboured breathing period.  I had a gut feeling he did not want to die in front of them all. I was right, and a few hours after everyone left for the night he very calmly took his last breath.

I was in an energy trance, talking to him about how marvellous heaven was and how so comforting it would be to finally meet our maker and how many other spirits were waiting for him up there.  The funny thing is my dad was old school and never believed in Energy work and would tease me by calling me a witch.  I know the flow of Reiki Energy comforted him on his last little bit on earth.  I have always known that spirits stay connected to earth and the more open you are to signs the more you can feel this connection.  This music was playing at the time.

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