For years now my answer to this question has always been: Yes, Reiki can help.  It has definitely helped me over the last few years maintain my goal weight.  How?  Because years ago food/ bars were always on my mind.  I was always counting calories; eating big portions then not eating for hours after; eating bars instead of real food.  I felt like after I ate I was stuffed like a pepper and could not stop eating until I hit that point.  My relationship with food was annoying, unhealthy and filled with a lot of food drama. 

Now it’s smooth sailing.  I have disconnected my energy cord from the “food drama”.  It happened because of everything Reiki has offered me.  Reiki is designed to help me to let go of old habits and patterns which I had been carrying around with me for years.  It made it possible for me to get rid of stuff I picked up on as a kid; living the life I saw my parents living.  It was a different generation back then.  I also consciously asked the Universe for self control and willpower while meditating and doing my mantras.  I repeated it for years and now that I’m 38 I have it perfectly in balance for me.  I have completely changed my relationship with food.  I can eat what I want but just in small portions.  I rarely eat till I feel like I’m going to burst. It still might happen once in a while with birthday cake icing.  But overall I’m completely at peace with food in my mind.  I do have to admit I’m sure my husband wishes I thought more about dinner…..

Thank goodness I have a wonderful and dear friend Jenny, a.k.a. Coach JVB in our lives!  Jenny Van Barneveld-Pe is a Fitness Expert, Nutritionist, Health/Wellness Writer, Diet Coach, Mommy blogger, Entrepreneur and a great soul.  We have been friends for over 10 years and she has always given me solid and great advice on living a healthier lifestyle.  If you want to learn how to be a strong, healthy mama, check out her site and you will be filled with helpful hints.

Some of the main reasons people are overweight include poor eating habits, lack of exercise, taking certain medications, lack of sleep, poor genetics, hormonal influence, and high stress levels.  Again, Reiki helps bring everything into balance by making you calmer, more grounded, centred, and it gives you better, deeper sleeps. It motivates you and most importantly helps you change your old ways.