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Distance Healing



Reiki Distance Healing is a technique that enables you to have a deeply rewarding Reiki session beyond the limitations of time and space.

I know it can be hard for some people to believe that a human on earth has the ability to transmit spiritual energy beyond physical touch, but it can be done and has been for many years. Being a Reiki Master means you are a clear channel for this highly intelligent energy to flow through for the greater good of your client.

Even from a distance I can ground myself and clear away all other thoughts and concerns and only focus my mind, body and spirit on sending this powerful way of loving, healing, balancing energy directly to my clients Chakras and Aura bringing them all the amazing benefits that an in person Reiki session would. Reiki works with our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual being. To learn more about the benefits of Reiki check out myTraditional Reiki page.

Although I love practising Reiki out of my office I understand that there are a lot of people that live no where near me that could benefit from Reiki. My suggestion is to get the most out of your Distance Healing Reiki session with me.

What Can I Expect In a Session?

Your first session will be 75 minutes, where we’ll spend the first 15 minutes talking about what you want to let go of, and what you want to bring into your life. You’ll have the opportunity to shape the session in whichever direction you want it to go. After that, I’ll spend about 15 minutes relaxing you down verbally, and we’ll focus on your breath and deeply realigning all the body parts. This is especially important for the mind, even if your mind is in constant dialogue with itself the energy is still flowing – but the goal is always to try and help the mind calm down and relax.

Let me help you bring yourself to a place where you can live in the now!

During our session, I will help you to feel this flow more deeply. Your phone should be on silent so you can be in the most comfortable and meditative state. Lights will be off. Some people enjoy listening to healing music, but it is not necessary in each session. Once I have brought you down we will disconnect from the phone and I will continue to send this amazing flow of Reiki Energy to each one of your Chakras.

Things to keep in mind: It is always best to book a session at night. Stay hydrated after session and be sure to void your bladder before and after the session. Do not watch TV or use social media after the session. Just try to just be with your thoughts and uphold that connection to your body. A lot of people have vivid dreams after a Reiki session, so be open to what might come to you after. You can leave a pad of paper and pen beside you at night if you want to write them down. You will know the session is over when you stop feeling the flow of Reiki energy.

Each Reiki Master has their own process of connecting to Universal Life Force Energy, therefore each session can be very different. For example, I love to use Crystals in my sessions to help deepen the experience!

I’m looking forward to you trusting in the process and being open minded to this way of naturally healing and balancing the body, and invite you to try a Reiki Distance Healing session with me.

Benefits of Distance Healing

  • Produces mind and body relaxation.

  • Eliminates tension and stress from the mind.

  • Speeds up the body’s self-healing capabilities.

  • Aids in better sleep.

  • Reduces blood pressure and blood sugar along with other lifestyle illnesses.

  • Helps relieve discomfort.

  • Works well for elimination of addictions.

  • Assists the body in washing away toxins.

  • Removes energy blockages and brings your body into harmony and balance.

  • Increases vitality and postpones aging.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Have a question about Reiki? Ask me here

What are Chakras?

When the body is perfectly balanced the 7 Chakras  give you exactly the right amount of energy in each area.  In this day and age there are so many variables that could throw you off.  A few examples include pollution, the environment, work, home life, spouse, kids, death, having a baby, any type of stress, sickness and so on.

Since everything in the Universe is made of energy it makes sense that the human body needs to be balanced in energy itself.  The strong suggestion would be to balance your Chakras at least 4 times a year, coordinating with each different season as it changes. It’s like house keeping for your body.

Pricing and Booking Information

90 minute session – $170