Embracing the Fall Season With a Healing Diet and New Focus on Physical Wellness

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Julie Hinton-Green

Our health is the one thing we should never take for granted.

Now that we are heading into the new autumn season, I’ve been noticing that a lot of my clients want to bring focus to healing the physical body.

And the truth is, physical healing can simply be accomplished through using food as medicine. There’s no need to purchase a variety of supplements or a gym membership when you choose to eat consciously. Eating consciously comes from the awareness of the third eye chakra, as well as the will power from the solar plexus chakra.

Dr. William Li, a world-renowned physician, scientist, speaker, and NYT Bestselling author of Eat to Beat Disease is an expert advocate for using food as medicine to heal the body.

In this article, I’d like to share some of his knowledge with you along with some of my own, to help inspire your own physical healing journey this fall through the power of nutrition.

It’s possible to combat diseases through food:

Dr. Li believes that the right foods contain the power to beat systemic health issues like cancer and other diseases.

“What I actually learned myself is that when it comes to food and health food, it’s actually a medicine that we all take three times a day,” Dr. Li explained in a video interview with Lewis Howes.

“We try not to take prescription meds whenever we can avoid them, and even if you write prescription meds, you don’t want to be taking them forever. But food is something that you take three times a day from the time we’re born to our very last breath – and when it comes to food and health, it’s not just about the food. It’s actually about how our body responds to what we put inside.”

Nutrient-packed veggies like broccoli are your best friend:

Dr. Li continues to explain that broccoli is an excellent example of a cancer-fighting food, among other fresh vegetables and fruits.

“We’ve done research now looking at what what’s in the treetops (of broccoli), and it turns out that these sulforaphanes can starve cancer … but guess what: the stock of the broccoli has twice as much of the good stuff,” Dr. Li said.

There are many ways to transform broccoli, or any vegetable for that matter, into a truly delicious snack or meal. Just use a little bit of olive oil to sauté the vegetable and add garlic, in addition to some salt and any other herbs and spices you fancy. Or, as Dr. Li also suggests, transform your broccoli into a tasty soup.

There are also many tasty fall-inspired dishes that incorporate healthy veggies such as this deliciously creamy butternut squash soup recipe from Love and Lemons.

Processed foods harm our body’s natural ability to fight disease and infection:

“A lot of stuff we grew up with [that was] advertised on television to kids … [instant foods, etc.] – you have to be really careful about that, because if you take a look at the packaging… whatever you buy pick it up≤ if it’s in a box or in a can,
and look on the side and see if you recognize the ingredients,” says Dr. Li.

“If you lose start losing track and you can’t pronounce [the ingredient names] and you don’t know what most of that stuff is – it’s an ultra processed food that harms your DNA and lowers your immunity.”

Eating the right foods activates the body’s health defenses:

Choosing the right foods to put into your body this fall season and beyond will go a long way in keeping your natural immunity high and protecting you from diseases, while also promoting general feelings of wellness and boosting energy levels.

With his biotechnology background, Dr. Li shares that there are five defense systems that work to maintain our health: the first is angiogenesis, the second is our stem cells, the third is our gut microbiome, the fourth is our DNA and the fifth is our immune system.

Through selecting healthy, whole foods and choosing to ditch processed foods containing ingredients we can’t pronounce, we help to support and strengthen each of these five defense systems.

Inflammation is a silent killer that can easily be kept under control:

Dr. Li explains how there are certain foods that contain a lot of anti-inflammatory properties, such as polyphenol-rich cranberries, dark chocolate, strawberries, red bell peppers, and essentially any fresh fruit or vegetable that you enjoy.

Our bodies deserve optimal nourishment every day, and when we reward ourselves with more of these healthy foods, and less processed junk – the benefits do not go unnoticed.

Two game changers I’ve noticed in my personal life:

There are two things that I’ve implemented in my life that I truly believe have been game changers, specifically through helping clarify and bring more positivity to my energy field:

1. Two years ago I switched to only drinking one black coffee in the morning.  Before that, I used to add a vanilla almond milk into it, which may not be as unfavourable as using cream and sugar – but it still inhibits the positive effect that black coffee can have on you. I also used to drink 2 cups of coffee everyday until I realized that it actually threw off my energy level by sabotaging me with too much caffeine in my system.

I came to the conclusion that I actually needed to be drinking more fresh water. Sometimes, unknowingly, we believe that drinking many cups of coffee throughout the day is going to give us more energy – when it actuality it often just depletes our energy and makes us feel tired. Finding that balance is key.

With that said, I’d like to share an article from Times of India that covers some of the positive benefits of drinking black coffee in the morning. I highly suggest you check it out!  Just one of the benefits for me is that it’s changed my taste buds to require less sweetness to feel satisfied.

2. I’ve also implemented dark chocolate into my life for about six months now. I personally love Lindor‘s 99% dark chocolate which comes with many health benefits. I tend to have it in the morning, and you only need just a few squares to feel satisfied – not the full chocolate bar.

I’ll also use dark chocolate as a pick-me-up before I jump into meetings with late afternoon clients or kids’ programs. This article from Dr. Li goes over many of the amazing benefits that dark chocolate can bring to you – I highly suggest you check this out as well!

Combine a healing diet with Reiki for the ultimate wellness transformation this season and beyond

Julie Hinton-Green wants to help you start anew this autumn – not only through encouraging healthier eating habits, but through providing healing Reiki sessions to help unblock your chakras and prepare your mind, body and soul for newer, greater beginnings!

Schedule your first healing Reiki session with Reiki Master Julie Hinton-Green today.


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Julie Hinton-Green is a Reiki and Energy therapist who is also certified in Timeline Therapy, NLP, hypnosis. Julie brings inner peace through relieving stress and anxiety by centering, balancing and grounding you. Learn more about Julie here, or connect on Facebook and Instagram.

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