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Equine Reiki

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy, it’s known as highly intelligent. It’s a holistic approach to healing and balancing out the equine physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.  Bringing focus and direction to all these areas will have an unbelievable shift in your equine’s behaviour in all aspects.  Reiki is designed to help both humans and horses shift their patterns and habits.  Like any therapy a series of sessions are always recommended to get the deepest and most successful changes in your horse. Some people and owners add this clearing and grounding process to the horse’s life once a month to keep it living its best life and performing at its highest level.  Reiki is recommended especially for equines that are in a stressful state due to being competition horses. Using Reiki once a horse has arrived at its destination the day before a race can help your equine let go of all the travel symptoms.  You would never perform a Reiki session on the actual competition day because Reiki can have an effect of deep relaxation so you would want them to get a good night sleep after so it all soaks in.  The power symbol however can be used on game day to help bring focus, motivation and connection to their event.

Equines just like us have Chakras that need to be brought into balance so the chi and healthy light energy can properly flow.  Chakras are energy wheels that are constantly spinning.  Think of the heart and liver as tangible organs and Chakras as energetic organs.  Since science has proven everything in this world is made up of energy it’s extremely important for these all emotional, spiritual beings to be balanced!  Reiki is usually channeled through the palms of the hands, I also use my eyes to bring the energy in to all my sessions.  Each session I set an intention to focus on, usually guided by what the horse owner or trainer feel is necessary for the greater good of the horse.  Because I’m a certified Reiki Master and have been working with humans for years now, it’s very easy for me to ground myself and jump right into a powerful 60 min session.  Although I would always recommend a one on one session with the horse to keep other energy from interfering or distracting the healing process, I do however totally understand some horse owners, trainers and coaches like to be witnesses to the session which is perfectly fine. I have experienced how busy some barns can be and even when there is chaos around us I can still work in a very passionate deep way to get the best results for each session. Reiki Energy will always flow.  I like to play relaxing music during my sessions and burn some incense to clear away unwanted, stale or negative energy that could be in the Aura which is the energy field surrounding your horse ( I understand you cannot always light things in certain barns).

A healthy horse just like a healthy human, has a constant flow of healthy light Energy moving through them like an electric current. However, a ton of factors can interfere with this flow.

I’ll share with you some examples that I have really noticed effected the horses: Leaving a barn and moving to a new home with new owners, trainers and jockeys, Physical injuries in any form, Trauma that has taken place at any point of your Equines life.

During Reiki we work with a distance symbol that helps take away triggers that clear up in certain scenarios.  A lot of times this trauma can happen before they become yours:

Dietary changes is a big one for example some owners only feed racing horses 3 big meals a day and because they are not free to graze all day they develop ulcers.

Emotional problems for example leaving their mom after birth or being abused by former handlers, feeling the stress and anxiety from being in races or show jumped.

Some humans really talk down and negatively to these sentient beings, death of a horse surrounding them,  travel sometimes cross country in trucks or even planes to compete, being scared of new surroundings at different tracks.

Sometimes even getting new fillies into the starting gates is a lot.

Starting to work with new trainers with different rules then they were once accustomed too or a combination of any of these issues.Any blockage of energy can result in physical, psychological or behavioural problems.

Equine Reiki, restores positive energy flow into the animal’s body, helping to correcting imbalance. Horses are very sensitive sentient beings that very easily and quickly pick up on the healing flow of Reiki energy.  I offer a different variety of types of session to work best with your Equine.  For aggressive, mean, crazy or angry horses that might be dealing with a traumatizing situation we would do a few beaming sessions from outside the stall or while they are in cross ties before I start with hands on treatments.  Reiki Energy is so powerful that you will be amazed even without hands on treatment your equine can shift its whole energy field to a more easy going, relaxed, focused and motivated horse.  My specialty is Chakra balancing sessions!  This 60 min session will focus on bringing each chakra into balance bringing new healthy, happy results. To learn more about Reiki and its origin check out my page on traditional Reiki

Benefits of Equine Reiki

  • Produces mind and body relaxation.

  • Eliminates tension and stress from the mind.

  • Speeds up the body’s self-healing capabilities.

  • Aids in better sleep.

  • Reduces blood pressure and blood sugar along with other lifestyle illnesses.

  • Helps relieve discomfort.

  • Works well for elimination of addictions.

  • Assists the body in washing away toxins.

  • Removes energy blockages and brings your body into harmony and balance.

  • Increases vitality and postpones aging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I’m always open to working with multiple horses in one day!  However, I focus on one on one sessions because of the amount of Energy that each horse holds mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.
I personally love to do Reiki Equines Sessions in the cross ties, this allows me to work both sides of the horse and beam energy from in front of them both before hands-on treatment and after. Of course if a horse does not like cross ties sessions can be done in their stall or an open field.
Yes. You will need to sign a release form before I can work with your Equine.  There is also a very detailed sheet to be filled out to let me know where to direct this amazing flow of Reiki energy.   
Because Reiki is an Energy based session it’s always best for the practitioner and equine to be one on one.  That being said sometimes it’s really powerful to watch the change in your animal right before your own eyes. Also, many barns have a ton of things going on with people and other horses around, which is fine too.
A number of things can interfere with blockages in your Equine here are a few of the most common: dietary changes, emotional problems, trauma, physical injury, training issues, travel and stress from traveling to new tracks or barns.  Take comfort that Reiki energy has the ability to help with all these issues!
No, I would not recommend it.  Reiki Energy is very powerful, each session the horse has could produce a very different reaction. Sometimes after sessions the horses become so deeply relaxed and need to sleep or just be by themselves in their stall, and other times they are full of energy and want to go outside.
Equines love Reiki Energy and tend to soften into it much faster and easier than humans.  They show all the same characteristics that they would when enjoying a massage such as leaning on one side of the legs, yawning and chewing through the jaw area, blinking or closing their eyes, lowering their head, talking deep breaths or sighing.
Yes of course! We would start with a few Reiki Sessions that are done by beaming Energy to the horse’s Chakras or trauma points from outside of the stall.  If the horse is comfortable in cross ties then we would use them.  After a few sessions we could switch over to hands-on treatment.
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Have a question about Reiki? Ask me here

What are Chakras?

When the body is perfectly balanced the 7 Chakras  give you exactly the right amount of energy in each area.  In this day and age there are so many variables that could throw you off.  A few examples include pollution, the environment, work, home life, spouse, kids, death, having a baby, any type of stress, sickness and so on.

Since everything in the Universe is made of energy it makes sense that the human body needs to be balanced in energy itself.  The strong suggestion would be to balance your Chakras at least 4 times a year, coordinating with each different season as it changes. It’s like house keeping for your body.

Pricing and Booking Information

60 minute session – $380 (includes the drive to and from the barn)

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