As promised, here are your two free meditation downloads to help you relieve stress, feel more grounded, centered, calm and in a relaxed state.  It is so important that each day you take time to bring your body into a deep relaxed state allowing it to recharge.

The sleep meditation is perfect to listen to just before bed and will allow your mind to immediately calm down as you connect to your body and breath.  It will also help you to make a spiritual connection and bring a wave of positive energy in to the subconscious mind while you dream and sleep.

The work meditation is a great way to relax and ground yourself, while adding a creative energy flow to your busy day.  After this meditation you will feel calmer and more focused on your tasks at hand.  Plug in your headphones if you can and enjoy!!

This is also a sample of how some healing Reiki sessions start.

download sleep meditation
download work meditation