How Reiki Sessions Can Support Wellbeing During a Troubling Pandemic

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Julie Hinton-Green

It’s no surprise the age of Covid-19 has many of us feeling uneasy and drained – but Reiki can help you to feel whole again.

Enter Covid-19, and society has had to adjust to a completely different way of living. This new lifestyle has been less social, and more isolating. It’s hindered our freedom, and has limited us in a variety of ways. It’s also caused many of us to feel anxious, and worried about our health and about the future.

All of these new negative emotions, and this isolated lifestyle drains our Chi and life force energy, taking a heavy a toll on our happiness. We’re human beings – we’re designed to be social, and enjoy life together!… not a p a r t.

But while we have no choice but to continue to practice safe social guidelines and deal with the “new normal” in the meantime, we still have a choice to put ourselves, our mental health and our Chi first! And one excellent way to help maintain our life force energy during these taxing and uncertain times is to partake in Reiki sessions with a qualified Reiki practitioner, like our wonderful Julie Hinton-Green!

Let’s talk about just how Reiki can improve your overall mood and wellbeing amidst the distressing Covid-19 pandemic:

Reiki allows you to connect with another person:

Sadly, the pandemic has led many of us to withdraw from our family and friends, as limitations are placed on social gatherings and people fear contracting or spreading the virus.

Fortunately, Reiki provides those in need of social contact with the opportunity to truly connect with a caring and compassionate practitioner, like Julie Hinton-Green – who is adhering to Covid-19 safety guidelines at her treatment centre, ensuring every client leaves their sessions healthy and safe.

For clients who prefer to stay socially distanced, Distance Healing Reiki can be arranged and performed over video chat.

Reiki can help to stimulate motivation:

For a lot of us, the pandemic lifestyle hasn’t been very encouraging or inspiring. How can we be motivated to be our best selves when so much of our freedom has been taken from us? Luckily, Reiki can help to trigger those powerful feelings of motivation within, despite our new circumstances – which never hurts to remember ARE temporary!

Reiki can help to release the accumulative stress of daily pandemic life:

The stress and frustration caused by “new normal” can really work to weigh us down and hinder our potential for greatness. The good news us, Reiki can help to foster the release of accumulative daily stress, freeing up our Chi and bringing ourselves to a happier, higher frequency.

Reiki can reduce emotions of powerlessness or helplessness during crisis situations (e.g. during a pandemic):

With so much uncertainty Covid-19 has created, Reiki can help to reduce the frustrating feelings we have that tell us we have no control, and can foster strength within us to overcome these hard times.

Reiki encourages spiritual healing within:

Reiki can help to promote a natural healing process from within, and helps to stimulate spiritual healing without conflicting with one’s religious beliefs. The Reiki life force energy is designed to flow seamlessly through the 7 main Chakras to help foster mental, physical, emotional and spiritual clarity and healing.

It’s time to put yourself and your wellbeing first

While we’ve been taking care of our systemic health by practicing safe measures against Covid-19, our Chi and emotional health has unfortunately taken a hit.

But there’s hope for recovery! A Traditional Reiki or Distance Healing session with our wonderful Julie Hinton-Green can be your first step to finally feeling like your happy and motivated self again, which will allow you to thrive in any and every other aspect of your life.

Book your session with Julie today, and discover the incredible benefits that Reiki can provide.


Julie Hinton-Green



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Julie Hinton-Green

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Julie Hinton-Green is a Reiki and Energy therapist who is also certified in Timeline Therapy, NLP, hypnosis. Julie brings inner peace through relieving stress and anxiety by centering, balancing and grounding you. Learn more about Julie here, or connect on Facebook and Instagram.

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