Wow that was a blast from the past! Last night was the Miss Hooters Pageant in Toronto and once I walked through the doors it immediately took me back 20 years to when that was me. It’s hard to believe sometimes how fast life really goes. My show Julie Hinton Green Living In The Now talks all about the pageant, as well as me reflecting and sharing some major differences between life NOW and 20 years ago, the pressures that young girls face today are so much harder…. Back then we were just focused on doing our boobs to keep up now it’s lashes, hair extensions, lips, botox, filler and boobs. It’s a lot. Once I became a Reiki Master I wanted to offer my services to help with the mental health of young girls that could really use love and my guidance to help them with grounding, clearing, being confident, focussed and most important “feeling good enough”. I have to be honest I was not confident back then, I wish I had someone to point me in the direction of turning inwards, of bringing focus and attention to being a good person who can listen and treat others the way they wanted to be treated. Click the link in my bio to hear lots of details. Enjoy the show! Thanks for ur feed back. #Hooters #2009/2019 #Reikimaster #confidence #selflove #mentalhealth #focusonwhoneedsyou