My love and passion for sharing Reiki both in my office an offering Reiki Distance Healing is continuing to grow and grow each day…. Bringing Reiki into your life helps you feel Vitality, synchronicity and elevates your Magnetic Field. As you clear away old energy pattered and habits, you ground and bring balance into the whole body. It then allows you to feel a sense of easy, focus and motivation in all aspects of life✨
On my show Julie Hinton Green Living In The Now I had a opportunity to do
A 60 min phone interview with Aron Steven formerly a WWE wrestling who left his career behind to focus on a NEW acting career. We spend time discussing the distance Reiki Healing I did on him! ✨💟❤ To hear us share about Chakras and are own personal experience of ups and downs through our life’s path, give the show a listen.