Have you thought about wanting to achieve your own spiritual awakening? Sometimes as human beings, we believe that we need to look a certain way or fit a certain mould to do this (like a monk or religious person), but that is not the case, anyone can be connected to their higher power…. On my show today, Julie Hinton Green Living In The Now, my guest Luke Sellars started off like a lot of Canadian kids, loving the game of hockey. He played his whole life, was drafted in the second round to the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers, but soon after drugs, drinking, injuries and a wild lifestyle stood in his way. After he hit rock bottom, something amazing happened. He was reborn with a new outlook and spiritual understanding of life here on earth 🌍 His newfound wisdom and knowledge far surpasses my understanding of it all. Luke works as a teacher at The School Of The Heart. www.lukesellars.com