Living In The Now Podcast – Episode 1 – The Passionate Medium

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Julie Hinton-Green

Introduction to Living in the Now

Gail Beatrice: The Passionate Medium

Gail’s Journey to Mediumship

Connecting with Spirits

Julie and Gail’s First Meeting

Trusting Spiritual Messages

Gail’s Personal Loss and Spiritual Awakening

Managing Spiritual Energy

Dealing with Negative Entities

Integrating Spiritual Guidance

Reacting to Life’s Challenges

Grief and Spiritual Support

Current World Issues and Spiritual Perspective

Choosing Your State of Mind

The Greatness U Program

Controlling Your Energy

Spirituality vs. Religion

Mediumship and Client Experiences

Exploring Psychedelics

Reiki and Spiritual Connections

Conclusion and Contact Information

Introduction to Living in the Now

Julie: Hello, my friends, you’re joining me, Julie Hinton Green on my show, Living in the Now. 

Gail Beatrice: The Passionate Medium

Julie: We are in season two and I can’t think of anybody better to open up my new season with than Gail Beatrice, the passionate medium. So Gail, thank you for driving all the way down to see me today. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: Very welcome. 

Julie: The viewers on the Fem Network have one foot in the door of spirituality when they hear me talk [00:01:00] about Reiki and energy work and crystals and plants and all the things that they need to bring into their life. But, you know, you are a special guest because you actually have both feet in the spirit world.

Like you, you are there. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: I am there. 

Julie: You Are there. 

Gail’s Journey to Mediumship

Julie: So why don’t you tell the viewers a little bit about you and how you got into being a medium. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: Where do I start? Oh my god. Well, I’m the passionate medium, of course. Um, I think I was always a medium. I just didn’t know that I was. Like, I always picked up on energy.

I felt things. I would know things. I would see spirit. I just never, I just thought it was normal, and that everybody else could see what I saw, but it wasn’t like that. I think, my gifts got really open 2013, 2014, 2008 it started when my sister passed away. And then it [00:02:00] spiraled. 

Julie: Okay. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: And then it was so open.

I couldn’t shut it off. I couldn’t ignore it. Uh, there was spirit. I’ve seen spirit everywhere. 

Julie: Right. 

Connecting with Spirits

Julie: So is your sister’s spirit coming to you? 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: Oh, I see her too. She’s been my guide actually, because I thought this is going to kill me. What do I do with all these spirits? I didn’t know what to do with them.

So I knew I wasn’t crazy. I mean, I have more skills. 

And now I’ve just got it. But so I took the journey on finding the right people that could give me the guidance and direction. Just what do I do to control this? So it took me a few years to get where I am, but I did that. So today is like, yes.

Spirit shows up when I’m with clients. Yes, I’m channeling. They walk up in front of me. I also pick up on people’s energy. So I know what’s going on with them. I see ahead. I get like flashes [00:03:00] where I see things. It’s like a movie that comes up. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s only like seconds.

Sometimes to me, it seems like minutes, but it’s like I get a flash of a picture that yeah, it’s going to happen. It’s connected to the people in front of me or it’s something that’s coming. What else? 

Julie and Gail’s First Meeting

Julie: So the, so I’m going to tell the viewers how we met. I do Reiki energy. If we have new viewers, this is my actual office space. And I had been working with a client for a while. She kind of disappeared and she ended up working with Gail. And when Gail was reading her. Would you say, like, what do you call it, reading your aura, reading your signs?

Gail – The Passionate Medium: I just, I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like, I look at a person or I’m in front of them, even if I just hear their voice on the phone, all of a sudden, I’m picking up on their energy. I know what’s going on with them. I know that. things in their lives. It just [00:04:00] starts come flooding in. It’s information coming.

Yeah. And I just spit it out. 

Julie: Amazing. So when she works with some of her clients, she recommends that they do reiki to open them up. I 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: do. I do. 

Julie: So is that you, you can kind of tell, right?  

Gail – The Passionate Medium: Like if somebody is open or if they’re blocked, sometimes their chakras are blocked. So the energy is not flowing through them freely.

They’re intense up with things. They’re not. I feel everybody is able to pick up on it, but some, they’re so blocked that they’re not, they’re not receiving the information the way that they can. 

Julie: And you think it’s because a lot of people are just living in their own heads? Yeah. Like they’re just so focused on their own life and the tasks that they need to do that they don’t even really like take a breath and look to the outside world?

Gail – The Passionate Medium: Yes. Okay. 

Trusting Spiritual Messages

Gail – The Passionate Medium: And I feel, Like, I feel people get information like they all think of something, a thought [00:05:00] comes in their head, and then they think they’re crazy. Oh, it’s just me. And then it gets validated. So, it was given to them. Like, my guys, I listen. When I get thoughts that come in that’s not mine, I know that I’m being guided.

I pay attention to it. And it gets validated. I don’t doubt. 

Julie: Which is the one thing. That’s actually the one thing I’d like to get across to everybody. Because when you doubt yourself and you second guess yourself, you actually self sabotage, right? If we just kind of go with the flow and process the information and understand like, this isn’t my human mind bringing me this information.

It is an outside experience. What if I just trusted instead of questioning? How could it shape my life? 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: Yes, if people would trust like I’m not saying you got to trust everyone in the physical world because I don’t but I trust in the divine like no other I will never doubt when I’m given information. Or I’m picking up on somebody that’s given from the divine, right?

I do not doubt I [00:06:00] go with it and I know it will be validated. Okay, good. It always does. 

Julie: That’s a good strong place. Yeah. So Gail had recommended to my old client that she should do Reiki. She came back to me and she told me all about Gail. And I said, you know what? Ah, I love trying new stuff. I love meeting new people and I would love her to read me .

So I immediately booked a session with Gail and, you know, the feedback that Gail gave me resonated with me. Um, and I don’t, I know you see so many people, so I’m not even sure if you remember. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: But I don’t always remember the readings because I cut the cord in connection when I’m done, because if I’ve got to remember every client, every possible, no, I’ve got to carry on to the next.

So I have to clear 100%. So I don’t remember everything that we spoke about in the reading. No. 

Julie: Okay. And I’ll just tell you guys the quick takeaway that she really helped me because I was doing this session with Gail in my office and we did it through distance and I was actually going to have my own distance healing with [00:07:00] my client after.

And Gail said. You know, Julie, you have to trust when you’re receiving these messages, you have to trust it. And I was like, okay, but sometimes you don’t want to say something to a client and they look at you and you seem foolish. And she said, write it down. When the information’s coming to you, just write it down.

And normally when I’m doing my sessions, they’re on the bed over there. And I don’t really leave the physical body and write stuff down, but because it was a distance session, once the client was relaxed in their own home, I did take out a pen and paper and I just started jotting stuff down. And then at the end of the session, I said, you know what, Julie, It was as if the client’s mother came to me and started giving me all this information.

And I was just making lists, writing it down. And at the end of the session, I said, you know, We’ve done quite a few sessions together. I’ve never had your mom come to the session, but I was just opened up. And she was here and she has all these things to say, to share, to apologize for. All right. As I was reading them out to the lady, like, she started crying.

She was like, I can’t believe this. And it was like you [00:08:00] helping me believe in just trusting 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: and it really Trusting in what you’re getting and getting that information out. Your job, my job, is just get the information out and it leaves me alone. But you’re giving help to somebody. You’re helping the dead along with the living.

They want that message given to their loved ones. For sure. And you did that and that’s amazing. I’m so proud of you. 

Julie: Thank you, Gail. 

Gail’s Personal Loss and Spiritual Awakening

Julie: So, um, I guess I wanted to know, you said that in 2008 was when you started connecting to the spirit world. Your sister died in 2013.

Gail – The Passionate Medium: And no, my sister died in 2008. Oh, the thing was was that I knew she was gonna pass.

But I couldn’t get it through to anybody. Uh, of course I would voice, but my family, they would, especially my sister, um, my youngest sister, cause I was begging her not to go on the trip. Like our sister is [00:09:00] not going to be here and she’s like, you have to stop this. You can’t, you can’t be going on, I’m going on my trip.

Our sister passed that weekend on the trip. While my sister was on our trip, my youngest sister, um, she died of AVM of the brain. It’s like an aneurysm. It’s a cluster of, I think, veins is the best way I can explain that you’re born with in your brain. It’s located somewhere. 

Julie: And you guys knew that she had this?

Gail – The Passionate Medium: Yeah. 

We found out just maybe a few months before she passed, but there was nothing that they could do, but it ruptured. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: I felt anew. Because the doctors were saying that we’d have years with her, and I’m going, we’re not gonna have years with her. But did I want to believe that? Of course I didn’t. I didn’t want my sister to go anywhere.

But, um, it happened. I watched her soul leave her body. And being at that hospital, it wasn’t just [00:10:00] her soul I was seeing leave. It was others that were in that ICU. 

Julie: Oh, my goodness. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: It was nuts. And I just went like, Oh, my God, this can’t be happening. Why me? Yeah. Why do I have to see this? I walked through the hospital and I’m seeing spirits.

It just, it was, it was so much. It started to spiral from there. 

Managing Spiritual Energy

Gail – The Passionate Medium: So then I left my life in Alberta and took the journey on trying to find the guidance and direction that I needed to help me find control. Like, how do I control this where it’s not 24 hours a day? I mean, I couldn’t sleep. sleep. I couldn’t, I was spirited constantly.

Yeah, you were wide open. I was wide open and they were coming at me constantly. So once I, I went to a retreat in BC, once I did that, I started to fly really. Good. It just all started [00:11:00] coming naturally. I could control it. I learned how to set boundaries with spirit as well. I don’t let them control me. I can show them, if they want my help, because I get some that come at me, they’re so aggressive.

They want your help. And I’m like, oh no you don’t. You need to stand back. If you want my help, you need to calm down. I apologize to them for how they left the physical world. But if they want me to help them, they can’t come at me being aggressive. Some of them don’t like the way they left the physical world.

Julie: Yeah, and we can’t blame them. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: Their energy is going to be aggressive. So, if people are feeling, if they don’t see spirit, like, I could see them. So, But if you don’t see it and you’re feeling it and all of a sudden you’re getting so agitated and you’re well You got energy around you or spirit spirit is energy.

That’s aggressive or Agitated so you’re picking up on that [00:12:00] right? It’ll feel like it You have an anxiety come right across your chest, your throat. I always say, this is not mine. Which is great. Who does it belong to? I return it. That’s great. Within seconds it clears. Good for you. I get them to back off because the closer the spirit gets to you.

The more you’re going to feel their energy, you could pass out. I have passed out. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: But  I don’t, and I haven’t in years because I know what to do the minute I feel energy or they’re around me. If I don’t see them, I can feel them. I know exactly I recognize it, which is so I try to interpret, interpreting what you’re feeling.

The only way that spirit can communicate with us is through feelings and thoughts. I mean, sometimes I can hear, but you might hear voices or bits of [00:13:00] words. 

Julie: Visual some people perceive like visual. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: Yeah, sometimes I could hear my name being called or I hear like whispering right beside me and I go, okay, all right.

I take a minute and I breathe and then I, I try to interpret what I’m feeling. 

Sometimes they won’t show themselves. 

Julie: Yeah. And that makes sense for me at a young, well, I wasn’t so young, but you know, it was, maybe it was like 20 years ago where I was having that dream state where you’re half awake, half asleep.

And for me it was actually always happening in the morning. So it wasn’t happening at night when it was dark and you felt scared. Something about it happening in the morning when it was already light out made me feel a little bit easier, but I was feeling, um, Like something was coming to me and there was tightness on my chest.

And like, you felt kind of paralyzed and you wanted to talk. And I started working with a spiritual coach and she said, Julie, just make sure you say, only deal with the light. I only deal with light energy. I only deal with the light energy. And she kind of plugged that into my head. And throughout my life, there’s been [00:14:00] times where, You know, whether it’s the dream state or that half a week sleep where I feel negative energy coming.

And sometimes I actually say the Our Father or I actually pray in my sleep as I’m saying I only deal with the light. So yeah, there is definitely spirit that isn’t on the positive level. 

Dealing with Negative Entities

Gail – The Passionate Medium: Believe me, I’ve had it when I didn’t know. Sometimes we create or we leave ourselves open where they can come in, do you understand?

And I know when I was trying to find the help I needed with my gifts, I would do things to try to shut it off, which was negative. I mean, I figured it out. But I would get negative ones coming at me, like very negative, not good. 

Julie: And it would be, assuming not for you per se, but for other people, like when they use alcohol and drugs, and we’re weaker.

Gail – The Passionate Medium: If you’re going to use drugs, alcohol, bad karma, drugs [00:15:00] especially, to try to shut it off, you’re doing that with wrong intentions. So, You’re leaving yourself open for the negative entities to latch onto you. They will put negative thoughts in your head. They will, they’ll drive you to a place. To me, how I’ve figured it out is they collect souls.

So, addicts. Because they’re at that bad karma drugs. They got negative entities that are around them. It’s like a keep some of them don’t make it because they’re driven to the death. And some of them, that is their destiny. Addiction and Spirituality

Julie: It’s pretty interesting that you bring up the addicts. Cause I have been working at a drug rehabilitation center in Toronto for eight years.

Yeah. And, um, I do energy work there and a lot of them have had no idea what energy work is. They haven’t experienced it. I noticed for me, clients that seem a little resistant are the ones that after, you know, they do a few sessions have the biggest breakthroughs. 

Julie:  [00:16:00] Yes, but a lot of them say, that they initially started using to forget their reality.

Then as they’re using, it becomes a reality. Then they use to try to reach the spiritual level. Yeah. So now all of a sudden in the year 2024, there’s all these retreats that do incorporate psilocybin, which is like magic mushrooms and people are doing ketamine retreats to connect to consciousness. Like, How do you feel about that?

Gail – The Passionate Medium: Everybody to their own, but I go on a deep level without having any of that. I don’t need any of that to get, because it’s my life every day, so no. Marijuana, yes, I won’t. I do smoke it for medical reasons, because I live with fibromyalgia. Yeah, every arthritis there is, but either than that, I don’t use anything to provoke or to get me high.

To be able to see [00:17:00] spirit or communicate with them clearly, that’s my life anyway every day so I don’t need that. But do I, am I against it for anyone else? No I’m not. Everybody to their own if they feel that’s what they need to do or it’s going to help them, go for it. I don’t need to do it. But I’m not saying that it’s not for anybody else, right?

Julie: And I understand that too. Um, I know that like with PTSD right now, it’s like severe depression. They’re using these stimulants and people are having these breakthrough moments where they see something or they have like this breakthrough moment when they’re in that altered state and then they can integrate it into their tangible life. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: Yeah. 

Integrating Spiritual Guidance

Julie: And I think that that’s something that is so important, whether they’re doing a session with you and you’re giving them a psychic reading, Or they’re doing a Reiki session, but the information and the guidance and the in claims, whether it’s coming like kinesthetically through your feeling, you’re visually hearing stuff, seeing things, how do you take that information and integrate it into your [00:18:00] life to be a better person or have a better journey or impact people?

Um, do you find that your clients can integrate it or do you have to kind of give them the hints of like, now try this on, see how this will work if you don’t swear? Well, I 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: give them things to just practice and try it. Right? 

Julie: Like tell us something. That would be a takeaway. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: I always pick up on people that are more than capable.

Impasse, especially, I can tell, I know a spirit will tell me the ones that I’ve had the experience of seeing or can. So we need to give them things where we can get them there so that they’re calm, peaceful within, you can start to channel and get the information. But you need to clear things. If some of them got smoked marijuana to do it, to get relaxed, then go ahead and do that.

But also meditation is a way to start getting calmness and [00:19:00] peaceful within. Crystals, Reiki, balancing, yeah, I give them lots of information. I’m not telling them they have to do it, but just give it a try because it does make a difference. It does. Right? Some people don’t know how to let go of things. I get some people that carry, carry stuff.

Julie: Yeah, fear, the burdens, fear, fear. Thoughts of not being good enough, not reaching your full potential are just constantly a wheel in their mind and they’re, they’re making every decision from that point. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: Yes. So it’s trying to get them to release that. So then their body can, they can start listening when you are hanging on to stuff, you’re, how do I put that?

You absorb all this stuff. It’s not good. Yes. You’re not, spirit is trying to get through to you or the divine is trying to make you feel things. But you’re just missing it [00:20:00] because you’re so caught up. Yes. But if you can let go and get yourself in a calm place, the thoughts that come in, the energy, you can start interpreting and trusting that you’re not going to be wrong on what you’re getting.

Julie: And, and, and that, that’s actually like a really amazing takeaway. That is something that I’ve shared through different episodes. And I never know if like the viewers have watched all the episodes and I’m repeating myself or somebody’s finding me new in season two. But what I like to say is that there’s one God up here and underneath it, there are all these other light masters, the, the, the, the people that want to help us as human beings, Reach our full potential, reach our goals and as the universe or God presence gives us these little bits of information if we actually follow it, then they say, wow, they need me.

I’m going to continue to guide them on this path and your journey is going to be a little more enlightened. If they’re giving us messages and our brain dismisses it and doesn’t follow it, [00:21:00] the universe is going to start to think like, They don’t need me. I don’t need to give them the energy and the life force that I would give others because they’re clearly going in their own direction.

Do you feel like that’s a true statement? Yeah. I do. Okay. I do too. Thank you for validating me. Thanks for validating me. Yeah, I know. 

Reacting to Life’s Challenges

Julie: I really think that it’s So many little tests and so many little things that come up in our life that we cannot control, but then how do we deal with it? Like that’s standard cause and effect, right?

We are the cause of what happens to us and some people just live. Can the effects side and say, wow, all these things happen to me. I can’t change it. But when we really go back and look, it does all start with us. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: It’s the way people react to things as well. Like I used to react. Yes, I did. Anybody that knows me.

Oh my God. 

Julie: Tell us, tell us everything. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: But I don’t. I [00:22:00] learned on my journey to not react. If something goes wrong or something is really, really bad. Take a step back. Just breathe. It was meant to happen for a reason. It wasn’t to hurt me or anyone. It was meant to happen. So like, say if something breaks your car, you, people get so pissed off, cursing, swearing, kicking, instead of doing that.

You just go, okay, it broke, so it needs to be replaced. So where do I go from here? It broke for a reason. It was probably preventing from breaking down on the highway where there could have been an accident or something else could have went wrong. Yeah, it was neat. It needed to be paid attention to. So instead of getting mad and you stay calm, The outcome is going to work out.

It’s going to be calm. It’s going to be positive because you are, I don’t freak out. Nobody can trigger me anymore. I [00:23:00] don’t, I don’t have that angry energy. I stay positive. If somebody else wants to be mad and be angry, go ahead. I’m not taking it on. I’m going that way and I’m going to stay happy. 

Julie: Yeah. That is a beautiful place to be, just be and be so grounded that all these other little things I would, I’m not.

Cause I must admit that my nine year old daughter triggers me all the time. I don’t yell because I grew up with a mom that yelled and then she was like Italian and I viewed it as like, Oh my God, I don’t yell though. But she really can get under my skin. But that’s where you take a step back, right? Right.

Just right back. I’m like moonwalking right back. Yeah, 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: exactly. Be calm and the situation will be calm. She feels your energy so the more she triggers you and then you’re going to come back, it’s just going to keep spiraling. Definitely. Right? Definitely. As you can stop that. People just need to see [00:24:00] Because for me it’s amazing.

It’s just learning not to react and how we react. I choose how I get through things. Yes, there’s shitty things we got to go through in life. Not good. But it’s how we choose to get through them. 

Julie: Yeah. 

Grief and Spiritual Support

Gail – The Passionate Medium: If we just look at it in a different way, okay, it was meant to happen. Losses is one of the worst things.

No, it’s, it’s not easy to get through. But what spirit wants, our loved ones want. is they need us to be okay. Yeah. So at some point I’m not going to tell anybody to stop grieving, right? It’s a bad thing that happened in our lives, but they don’t want us giving up on life. Like some people do. They stop.

They lose themselves. They don’t know how to get through the day, but their loved one, all they want is for them to just be accepting that they’re there and that they will always be with them. They give them signs. They try to get them out. 

Julie: Yeah. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: But then they got to go through somebody [00:25:00] like myself, right?

Other mediums to help them. They will put people in place. If they need to get you somewhere, they’re going to get you there. Don’t ask me if they do it, but they do. Okay. They do it to me. Okay. So I know that. right? But they just want everybody to be okay. It’s how we choose to get through things in life.

Current World Issues and Spiritual Perspective

Gail – The Passionate Medium: And you were talking about as well, like things that are going on in the world today. 

Julie: Humanity, right?

Gail – The Passionate Medium: it’s not good. 


Gail – The Passionate Medium: It’s a heavy, place, but there’s so many people that are so pissed off. The government, the, but it’s things that we can’t control. Like I can’t change it. You can’t change it.

But people get mad and you’re putting that mad energy out there. I mean, I’m not one that’s about the politics. I try to stay out of that. I do know things that are going to happen. Things will change around a bit in 2025. [00:26:00] Uh, not saying it’s all going to change, but there’ll be some that will be good. 

Julie: A shift, a positive shift.

Gail – The Passionate Medium: Yeah. I choose not to, I don’t get angry over it. It is what it is. I accept this is what the government has done. 

Choosing Your State of Mind

Gail – The Passionate Medium: What am I going to do? So if groceries are expensive, I’m not going to buy the things I can afford. One day I will be able to, or if it goes on sale, I just look at things in a different way. Why am I going to sit here and be mad and curse and swear every day because the world is in a place that.

Julie: But that’s also because you have the knowledge that you have the ability to control your own state. 

The Greatness U Program

Julie: And I was mentioning to Gail off camera that I’m doing this amazing course, it’s through the Greatness U program and they travel all around the world. They’re coming to Toronto. It’s six days in class, but you needed to be studying for the last two months, which isn’t normally part of my realm, but I’m really loving it.

And in this whole course, it really wants you to [00:27:00] get across to your clients that can The state that we live in, we choose, right? We choose, are we going to be in a happy state, a sad state, a depressed state, a fearful state? And then when we can actually realize that we choose our state, you can very quickly change it, right?

Like that perfect example, you know, you’re driving somewhere and you make the wrong turn. Instead of absolutely freaking out that you’re going to be late, I actually say to myself, there’s definitely a reason why I made a turn. There could have been an accident. Um, and I’m just going to go with the flow and like that came into me very like at a young age.

And there’s been many times where I’ve missed an exit or I’ve gotten lost or had to be somewhere and I just have that seed planted in my head and then I’m okay with it. Yeah. 

Controlling Your Energy

Julie: So if we can help our clients realize that this is state that you’re living in. You choose. Yes. Bad things are going to happen to you.

But if you let that just swoop you down, nobody really is going to pick you up. There’s not a lot of people in your sphere, in your life that want to help you raise your [00:28:00] vibration, raise your frequency, raise your light. Right. Usually people, you know, people can be envious or jealous or they’re just like trying to take from you that if we don’t raise our vibration.

Gail – The Passionate Medium: Yeah. You don’t allow people to take from you. I don’t allow people to pull my energy. If I feel it, I just remove myself. 

Julie: Good. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: I don’t allow people to pull my energy. If I pick up, if I go into a place or a space where the energy is not good. Somebody is miserable. They’re not. I am not doing it. I’m not taking it on because I feel it as if it’s mine.

Right. So, I just remove myself. I’m not taking it on. I can’t help them. They gotta go through their stuff. 

Julie: Which is true. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: Yeah. 

Spirituality vs. Religion

Julie: So, I’m gonna do like a hard pivot, and this is something else that, uh, Gail and I were talking about off camera. You were saying that the town you grew up with, everybody was very Christian?

Yes. Are you Christian? 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: No, I’m spiritual. Okay. [00:29:00] Because I was raised in a religious family, like my whole family, very religious. And we had to go to church every Sunday growing up. But I always saw things differently. So I was that little girl that would mouth off, this is not. 

Julie: Okay. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: That’s not what it is.

Julie: Right? 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: I always saw things differently. I believe in Jesus. God is the creator. Jesus is my guide. I agree. Right? But I’m not. I mean, there’s some verses in the Bible I will read, but there’s some of the Bible I do not open to, so everybody to their own. I don’t judge anybody. It’s nothing like that is I see the way it is.

And I live on both sides. Basically, when I’m channeling, I’m on their side and with them, what they show me, then I have to be in the physical world. Yeah, I mean, tangible, right? But I pray to God every day. I say my prayers. I pray for people. It’s just because some people [00:30:00] think, like some Christians do, they’re against this.

Julie: I know. And that’s where I was going to head with this. Yeah.  

Gail – The Passionate Medium: They’re against this. But Jesus was the most amazing medium ever. And Jesus was here in this physical world. He knew, he knew people, the things about people, the same thing I do. He knew before somebody was going to be sick. He knew he could tell them their future.

What was going to happen. 

Julie: I was asking that because I do know that there’s a lot of people that are stern religion, whether it’s like Orthodox Jewish or like hardcore Catholics and Christians. I also grew up Catholic having to go to church every Sunday. And, um, Then we got to the point where like you’re in church, you’re actually not listening anyways, that wasn’t where I connected I also 100 percent believe in Christ consciousness, but like the real Christ consciousness The one that accepts and loves everybody and doesn’t have all this fearful stuff, but I’ve had I’ve [00:31:00] worked with women who We’re, uh, hiding that they come for sessions because it was, you know, the crystals.

You can’t worship a crystal because then you’re worshipping false idols and all these things. And I, no, I just don’t see, I don’t see it that way, right? 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: I have had some Christians come to me, but there’s some that don’t. You know, they don’t want anybody to know, but I just say, like, I’m spiritual. I have nothing against religion, but I think people just need to be more open that there is something else there.

There may be a lot more than just. When we were growing up, you are told you have to believe this. You’re not given a choice. You have to go to this church. I think people should have a choice. Yeah, right? Not just believe what my parents are beating to you. 

Julie: Yeah, right?

Gail – The Passionate Medium:  Have a choice. Yeah, just be open. I have ones that they were [00:32:00] raised like that as well.

And they pick up on things. They would feel things. They were having these experiences. They needed to know, like, but they grew up by the book, Religion. So then they come to me and they go, I didn’t want any of my family to know. And it was amazing what it did for them. It truly gives them more insight that there is something to this, because I would pick up on what they, the experiences they had without them telling me.

Julie: Which is so powerful, that’s so amazing. It’s such a beautiful position that you’re in, that you can help people kind of see another side of things. I also agree, like, through my own studies and through my own courses, you know, Shiva, the Hindu God of the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy or Mother Gaia, which could be referred to as Mother Nature.

There’s all these different things that when I’m on the table and I’m channelling energy, I’m not really focused on where’s the energy [00:33:00] coming from. I think I just surrender to whatever energy is coming through to the client is what they need. Um, yeah. Do you feel like your clients want to know where, where’s these channels, like who’s coming forth or is it more of just like a broader spectrum?

Mediumship and Client Experiences

Gail – The Passionate Medium: Well, usually when it’s on command, like I always, it’s so funny, I don’t know if other mediums have it like this, but before a client comes to me, their loved one is coming through. I see them right in front of me at my home. You’re showing me who’s coming through for me. First, or if the client is wishing or hoping or praying that this person comes through, and here I am looking at them, seeing them, and I’m going, oh my god, okay, you must be connected to this person.

You need to wait till the reading, but they want you to know, they want me to know that they are going to be the one. 

Julie: They’re in the waiting room, waiting patiently for Gail to start. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: And as soon as I go and sit in front of [00:34:00] the client, Sure enough, they’re the one. I always speak of them first. And it was the one that they had specifically asked in their mind for them to come through.

I’ve had clients that have written a list out of things that they want answered. They don’t show me that list or anything. They come in and sit down. Do you know they don’t ask me one question and I touch on everything. Check, check, check, check. Sometimes Spirit, like, they’re going to give you everything that you need to help you.

Because that’s what I ask them to do. I ask the Spirit to come through. To give divine guidance, direction, understanding, and healing throughout my sessions. Giving my client what they need to truly help them. They come in wanting a certain thing. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to give you what you want.

They’re going to give you what you need. 

Julie: Right? Yeah. [00:35:00] Believe me, there’s a lot of clients I feel like come to me for one thing. And then when they’re on the bed, all those things open. But I must say that some, I, I had shared this in our session, I don’t expect you to remember, but sometimes the deepest sessions I have, like when somebody comes back on the chair and they’re crying and they’ve had this epiphany or something’s happened, I think Wow.

This person’s going to come back. They’re going to do the work. We’re going to work through this together. And you know, I’m not attached. Like I’m going to think about them at home, but I’m like looking forward to them coming back and then they won’t come back or they’ll cancel last minute. And I find for me, um, I actually feel a little deflated.

Like I was, I was ready to continue. I felt passionate about, you know, taking them places. Do you ever find that that you, you know that there’s like so much more work that they could do and that you’re just. opening up. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: You do, but it’s not for me to force that on them. Right. Right? So you just. I give them, your job is the same thing.

You gave that client the information and the help that they need it, [00:36:00] and especially putting that energy through. But it’s them because that energy works. It’s not necessarily mean they don’t want to come back to you, but you’re thinking that you’re allowing them. Yeah, I do. I admit that. Because no matter what, it doesn’t matter.

I get some clients and. I, I used to think, did I give them what they need? Does spirit really give them what they need? My god, because I forget everything. It’s like it cuts off, so I don’t remember everything we touched on, but I get validations. I do get a message from them saying and thanking me. 

Julie: Yeah, that always feels good for sure.

Gail – The Passionate Medium: always feels good for sure.

Yeah, because sometimes you want to make sure it’s not up to me. It’s nothing about me, so I can only give what spirit has given. 

You can only [00:37:00] give what you feel that Apply these. How much energy they need to put through. Like when I’m doing the reiki, for me, cause everybody does reiki different, Um, for me it’s almost like an x ray, like I can see where the dark energy, cause any sickness, any disease, cancer, that’s dark energy to me.

So when I close my eyes, I can see it like an x ray and it lights up so I can give direction if I can pull what I can. Yeah, for sure. Right? I’ll never say that Reiki will cure, but I know it makes a huge difference in people’s lives. But you have to believe that it’s going to. 

Julie: You do have to be open to.

You have to have a willingness and an openness to want to be able to change and to be able to grow and evolve and you, you have to come in with that because 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: there’s, you have to have an open mind. 

Julie: Yeah. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: They come in and be relaxed and [00:38:00] not, Oh, this is not going to work. Come in and just go, you know what?

This is probably going to help me. Have a different, instead of saying, if people say, Oh, this is going to kill you, this is going to Well, it’ll kill you. 

Julie: Yeah. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: You say you’re going to die, you keep saying it over and over, Well, you’re going to die. 

Use different words. It’s going to work. I know this is going to work for me.

It’s going to help me. And it will help you. For sure. Right? Some people stop that energy from doing what it’s supposed to do because they’re blocking it. They’re causing the block. 

Julie: So when you’re working with clients for the first time, do you feel like you show them everything you have, or do you have restraint and kind of 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: I have no control over that.

Gail – The Passionate Medium: For me, my job is a bit different. I mean, I do, I used to do Reiki as well, but it’s all mediumship now. Um, but I don’t know the client in command, but I’m very comfortable. I mean, I’m very confident in what I do. I have no doubt in [00:39:00] I don’t know what’s going to come through until they’re in front of me.

Then when I start channeling, like, things just, it’s like 3D. Spirit walks into the wall. Like, there’s one there right now. Hello! I thought it was a plant. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: Your grandmother. Hello! But they just walk out. It’s kind of like 3D. If they wear glasses, they’ll make the glasses light up. If they wore hats, excuse me, they’ll show me different kinds of hats that they wouldn’t wear.

If there’s a colored jacket, if they’re wearing a hoodie, I can tell you the color of the hoodie. the color of their hair. They make things light up for me. That validates who they are. That’s amazing. 

Julie: Yeah. It’s a great sign. So we did already touch a little bit about like what we thought about psychedelics to come to the spirit world.

Exploring Psychedelics

Julie: And then I was the one that I forgot to ask you about is ayahuasca. Have you ever tried? 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: No, but [00:40:00] I know people that have. 

Julie: Okay. Um, let me tell the clients quickly what it is. So ayahuasca is a plant that’s grown in South America. Usually it’s not legal in Canada and the States right now, but I think there is one place in the United States where they do ceremonies.

Yeah. You basically can do it one day or you could do it for three days in a row and you drink the medicine and it does make you purge. So you throw up a ton and you go to the bathroom a ton. They give you a regulated diet that you should follow, I think it’s for like a week or two before you go and do this and the better you follow the diet, the less purging you’re going to do because you don’t actually have like meat and alcohol and all of those things within you.

So, ayahuasca is something that I’ve always been tempted to do. I haven’t done it yet because I also have like these scared feelings that come in because I’ve heard other mentors that I’ve worked with say that Sometimes people go on these ayahuasca journeys and then they see stuff and they can’t reintegrate into [00:41:00] reality.

Yeah, so what’s your take on that? Have you tried it?

Gail – The Passionate Medium: I would never try it. It’s not something that I want to do Okay, but I know I know people that have been very interested and have done it Uh, I mean their experience. Yes. It was a bit off the wall, but they would do it again And i’m going no, it’s not for me It’s not for me.

I wouldn’t try it. 

I go to places, listen, some people is never going to go. I don’t care what kind of drug they give you. 

Julie: Yeah, you’re not actually, you don’t need that.

Gail – The Passionate Medium: You’re just going. No, I’m not doing it. But all the power to the people that feel they need to try it. But if you get a bad feeling. That you might want to do it, but then you get a bad feeling, don’t do it.

It’s telling you, your guides are telling you, no, this is not for you. Some people aren’t going to feel that or got it, go for it. 

Julie: So I must, have you heard of, um, DMT 5 MEL? 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: No, what is it? 

Julie: Okay. So [00:42:00] it’s basically a derivative, you know, that poisonous toad that they talk about, like licking in the desert and then you go on to like this euphoric thing.

That’s basically like DMT 5 MEL. Um, I did try it once. I did a ceremony. It was with a woman. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: Yeah. 

Julie: I don’t think I would have done it with a man. It was just me and the woman. I felt comfortable. She was my age. She had like gone to the jungles and trained. I guess she’s called like a new age shaman. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: Okay.

Julie: And it comes in like a crystallized form. And there was other women in my life that come to see me for Reiki that had tried it. So because it felt like a safe community and people tried it, I was just like, okay, I’m going to go. It’s a three hour ceremony. My husband and my kids dropped me off at the place.

And then I told my husband I’m going to Uber home. Don’t worry about it. I don’t know why I said that. That was like the number one mistake, but I go there, I meet the woman, you were also supposed to be on like a diet for three days, just not bringing in meat and stuff like that, and I was really [00:43:00] excited to do it, and she brings out, and it looks like a little piece of like crystallized something, she brings it out, and then she puts it in a pipe, and then as soon as I saw the pipe, and the crystal, I was like, Oh my god, this feels like, you know when you see people in the movies and they’re like smoking meth and crap or like, as soon as I saw the pipe I was like, oh my god, I didn’t register that I’m actually going to be smoking out of a pipe.

And she was like, don’t worry Julie, it’s not that, it’s okay, everything’s okay. And she kind of, she, she, you basically go to inhale and she coaches you. So she’s like, inhale, inhale, inhale, and then scoot, scoot, scoot. So I literally took the biggest inhale, I was like. And then as I was exhaling everything, you’re on a mat and everything’s prepared.

I kind of just like went inwards and then I rolled down on the mat and I was probably, and she tapes it all so you can like watch it over, and I was probably only out for like, I don’t know, two minutes or something. But within that two minute scale, I felt like, The [00:44:00] colors came in together and all of a sudden it was right when the war started in Russia So this is already like two and a half years ago It was right when the war started and all that needless killing and stuff And it was like I was in the heavens with god or higher power energy and we were looking down on humanity and he was like Look at these people.

It’s like a game. They’re just trying to kill each other, but the souls can never be destroyed. He just kept saying they’ll never destroy the souls. The souls will be up here with us. The souls will be up here with us and then he showed me like an image of like people going down and coming up and it was It was what I already believed that the souls come down and then they go back up But it was like he painted it out for me And then something else that I went in with is like I grew up with a dad who was always a negative thinker It was just an automatic response.

His motto in life was like life’s a bitch and then you die. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: Yeah, 

Julie: and I said, oh my god I’m not taking that on like I understand you’re my dad and I look up to you for the most part But that is not gonna be who I am So when I went in, one of my intentions was I just, I don’t want to have [00:45:00] negative thoughts come up.

And while I was lying there in that surrendered state, there was like a voice, a very monotone, heavy voice that said, Everything is beautiful. Everything is positive. And that voice, in that monotone way, Now when I’m doing sessions with my clients, sometimes when I’m channeling energy, I close my eyes and I say that exact thing and it actually brings me to like a deeper frequency.

Okay. And, um, yeah. And there was like one other takeaway that I had and then I kind of like came to, and I was like, just like tears were bawling and bawling. And then it was like time to go home. And then I had to take an Uber home and it was just, it was too much in a short period of time. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: Yeah. 

Julie: And then taking an Uber home with a random person and being in the car, it was really, it was, it was, It was positive, but I probably also would never do it again.

Gail – The Passionate Medium: I wouldn’t try [00:46:00] it. I don’t do any of that stuff, and I never have any thoughts of ever. Right. But like I said, I’m not against it. Say this again. I’m not against it or would tell anybody not to do those things. It’s up to them. It’s their choice.

You tried it. I tried it. You won’t do it again. So it was good and kind of a bad experience. 

Julie: Right, right. It was, it was, exactly. It was something that I was curious to do. But that also made me realize like, wow, Julie, the ayahuasca would probably be too much for you. Yeah. Because like having to go 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: to the bathroom.

You have to be careful when you’re doing that, the ayahuasca. Because you open yourself up. Yeah. Like I’ve heard it is, and I think you have a hallucination with it. Yeah. It’s a lot. Mm hmm. All right. I don’t know. You have to. We don’t want to scare the FEM network out. We’re not talking about drugs. Don’t do drugs, everyone.

Julie: Don’t do drugs. Let me know how it goes. Yeah, exactly. 

Reiki and Spiritual Connections

Julie: Well, I am so happy, Gail, that [00:47:00] you came here. Me too. We are also going to do a Reiki session on Gail when we turn off the camera. We sure are. And we did a little bit of Reiki before. Yes. We started, I know you can’t tell that Gail’s nervous, but when we first started talking, she said, I get, I’m a little bit nervous to go on camera.

Gail – The Passionate Medium: And, um, even though I do video, but when it’s like interviews and stuff like that in the camera, I freeze. I just freeze. I don’t know what it is, but 

Julie: yeah, we did a little grounding reiki on our palms before we started just to bring ourselves here. here. And here we are. So Gail, tell everybody, because I feel like there’s going to be people watching this show.

That’s like, I need to do a distance session with Gail. And you do in person?

Gail – The Passionate Medium: I do in person and zoom. Okay. The zoom is no different than you sitting right in front of me. We did it. Yes, we did. Uh, all my clients. It’s amazing. I do a lot of Zoom readings all over the world, actually. [00:48:00] And it’s no different, like, when I’m looking at them on the screen, Spirit walks out in front of me.

Julie: Yeah. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: My wall, I got them coming. I’m going, Oh, okay, your dad’s coming through. I’m describing him. Another man will walk out. It’s amazing. Like, I had one reading and this man’s walking out and he’s got like a, it looked like a military or kind of a police hat. 

Julie: Okay. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: So he was in the Navy. I kept looking at the hat, he’s walking out like a soldier, but it’s not like the military uniform, but a uniform similar to that.

But when you share that with your loved ones, they knew exactly who it was. And then if Spirit knows that you were looking at photographs, all of a sudden I’m seeing photographs coming into the wall. Like, I go, oh, were you just looking at pictures? Oh my God, we were going through all these pictures. 

Julie: Yeah.

Gail – The Passionate Medium: So Spirit would have been there right with [00:49:00] them at that time when they were looking at pictures of them. 

Julie: Yeah. It’s amazing. And I love, I love that messaging to everyone that just like when a loved one passes away, they’re not actually gone. They are. 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: They’re physical bodies. But they’re still there.

Spirit, their soul is always with you. I mean, they’re the ones that give the information or show me things, right? I have one lady and I couldn’t believe, I’m going, what the hell? I’m seeing this air balloon come out of the wall with the basket, you know, with the fire. Okay. And I didn’t know if I should say anything, like, how the hell?

Would a air balloon be connected to this person? And I’m looking at her. I go, okay, well I’m going to have to say this. How is an air balloon connected to you? This huge air balloon, I’m describing it. She goes, um, that’s my side job. [00:50:00] Wow, you nailed it. Only her grandmother would know. To bring that forth and show me.

I mean, it was coming out of the wall. I could have actually almost get it in a frigging basket. It was so clear, right? So amazing what they’re going to show you. They show me things to validate, uh, who they are. Then only you and them would know, right? So you got to trust that they are with you. 

Conclusion and Contact Information

Julie: Yeah. So I want you to tell them, like, how can they reach you?

How can they book a session? 

Gail – The Passionate Medium: Well, I am on Facebook, the passionate medium. Okay. And then it’s ThePassionateMedium. com. Now my website is being revamped, but it will be up and running again. Uh, they can email or just go through Facebook. ThePassionateMedium  at Gmail. com. 

Julie: All right, Gail. I’m so grateful for you to be here.

I’m looking forward to getting you on the bed and running the energies through you. Thank you guys so much [00:51:00] for tuning in to my first show in season two. I, again, am Julie Hinton Green. You’re watching Living in the Now on the Femme Network. If you’d like to learn more about Reiki, please check out my website.

site, juliantongreen. com. And I look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you. Bye.


Julie Hinton-Green


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