Luxury Handmade Scented Black Candle

Worlds Of Opportunities – WOO was launched in 2012 by social entrepreneur Saskia de Knegt. She has a strong mission to create a positive impact on the lives of one million people within the next 10 years. Her brand concept was simple; bring quality to the lives of people purchasing the products, whilst at the same time benefit the farmers and artisans who create the products.

The love and respect at the heart of WOO’s brand also extend to our company culture and the way we do business. In production, we use sustainably sourced ingredients. As an employer, we believe in people and planetary sustainability. The opportunity to be involved in the manufacture of authentic products provides WOO’s partners with new skill sets that bring them increased prosperity.

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  • LUXURIOUS HANDMADE CANDLES: Crafted from a Sophisticated Fusion of Pure Beeswax, Sustainably-Sourced Oils and Exclusive European Fragrances from the WOO Collection, this Relaxing Aromatherapy Candle is a Great Centerpiece on your Mantle and is the Secret Ingredient to your Luxurious Bathroom Experience.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: This Environmentally Responsible Candle is Handcrafted From Upcycled Glass Which Has Been Individually Sandblasted, Premium Beeswax & Oils, with an Imported German wick to Finish Off this Premium Design. Each Hand-selected and Lovingly Restored Glass Bottle is Hand-Engraved and Slightly Different, Giving you a Unique Product to Give As a Gift (Or More Likely Keep For Yourself!)
  • THE BEST QUALITY SCENTS: This Candle Comes in Two Fragrances TREASURE (GOLD) or TRANQUILITY (BLACK). TREASURE is Exotic, Floral and Spicy. This rich and heady scent creates warmth and coziness, perfect after a tropical monsoon. TRANQUILITY Draws on the Unique flora of the Orient. This sumptuous bouquet takes you on a journey to the aromatic hues of a quiet springtime lagoon, adding a lush and sweet-smelling backdrop to any space.
  • TRUELY SUSTAINABLE: WOO stands for “Worlds Of Opportunities” and We Stand By That. WOO Controls The Entire Manufacturing Process From Material Selection & Sourcing to Filling & Packaging.This Ensures That Everyone has a Fair Deal & ALL Profits are Reinvested Back into the Supply Chain! Show your significant other how much you care.Love has never smelled so good! Aromatic and sensual candles for that quiet night in. Perfect for couples, girlfriends boyfriends, husbands & wives.
  • HOURS OF LIGHT with A HIDDEN GIFT: The WOO Lucky Candle boasts an Impressive 25-hour burn time! The Premium Proprietary Blend of Beeswax and Fragrant Essential Oils is What Makes This Possible in such a Compact Package. This Small Candle is just 6cm Diameter by 5.6cm Tall. Once Finished the Candle Reveals a Lucky Coin To Bring Forth Love, Luck and Happiness Even After the Light Fades!


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