How To Raise Your Home’s Vibrations With a Beautiful Spring Cleaning

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Julie Hinton-Green

Transform your sanctuary into the perfect foundation for inner wellness, happiness and growth

The season of spring is a truly beautiful time of year. The animals begin to come out of their hibernation, the flowers begin to bloom and blossom, and the sprouting of new leaves represent new life. More people take to the outdoors for a walk, a jog or a bike ride – oftentimes even accompanied by a furry little friend. The grass is greener, the squirrels resume their playful activities, the birds are back to their morning songs – and perhaps you start to notice a nest or two in the most unexpected of places.

With that said, speaking of nests – our homes are where we spend a lot of our personal and free time – so it goes without saying that our sanctuaries should make us feel nothing short of peaceful, happy, and safe at all times.

How we live in our personal havens, and how we surround ourselves, can greatly impact our wellness on every level. But for many of us, negative energy has occupied and stagnated in our sacred spaces – stunting any new positive growth, suppressing our vibrations and preventing us from achieving optimal happiness in our day-to-day lives.

Fortunately however, a simple spring cleaning can do wonders for the mind, body and soul – transforming not only our homes into the beautiful and safe oasis we deserve to be surrounded by, but also through fostering our own personal wellness transformations where we can truly prosper and thrive!

Reiki master Julie Hinton-Green recommends taking the following steps for the most effective home cleanse:

Declutter your space:

Eliminating excess clutter from your space will help to reduce stress and make way for a fresh new beginning of clarity – quite literally creating more space for you to grow and thrive. Clutter attracts old, stale energy and prevents new and positive energy from flourishing. Re-organize your things of value and throw away any items in your home that are no longer serving you – and you’ll begin to feel lighter, relieved, and ready for the next positive stage of your life.

Cleanse of old energy through smudging:

Smudging the home with herbs (white sage is probably the most common as it’s associated with purity) is a fantastic way to clear your space of any old or negative energies that are stuck, especially those that may be lingering around from wintertime – allowing for a fresh, light and airy springtime energy. Furthermore, burning incense on a regular basis will also help to promote peaceful and happy vibes in the home.

Welcome in fresh air and natural light:

The beauty of nature can do wonders for your home, and for you! Letting in any fresh air or natural sunlight from outside will play a role in helping to bring clarity and positivity to the mind, and will refresh your home as you transform it into a higher vibrational space.

Add more plants and fresh flowers:

Speaking of nature, adding more of the earth’s greenery and beauty to your home can welcome higher vibes that you’ll begin to experience almost instantly – especially in the spring when it’s the perfect time to connect with growth energy. It’s optimal to keep ourselves surrounded by the natural elements whenever we’re indoors and lacking access to them – as there are many health benefits to plants in the home, as well – including reducing contaminants and helping to purify the air.

Light up some candles:

Nothing sets a calm and relaxed tone like the flickering warm glow of a candle (or three – or seven!) Choosing candles scented with soothing fragrances such as lavender, rosemary, jasmine or vanilla will bring about feelings of peace to help enrich your refreshed home in all of its high vibrational glory.

Use healing crystals:

Using healing crystals can help to clear out stagnant energies that are stuck in the home and preventing new and positive growth.

Common crystals used in home cleansing include selenite which helps to bring about feelings of deep peacefulness, black tourmaline which protects the person and their space from negative energy, chrysoprase which assists with new beginnings and growth (perfect for springtime!), celestite which brings balance and harmony to the space, and rose quartz, also referred to as the Universal Stone of Love which is known for its ability to promote compassion and love within the space it is placed.

Play high vibration music:

Filling your home with high vibe music, namely music with healing frequencies of 432 Hz tones, will help to welcome in positive energy and an elevated mindset. Listen to these happiness-inducing sounds during your spring cleaning, while you meditate, during a warm soak, or anytime that you wish to unwind.

Get the most out of your spring cleaning by booking a Reiki session with Julie-Hinton Green

For anyone serious about bringing a shift into their own body on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level, simply coming home to a space that flourishes with high vibrations will help to nurture and nourish all the new seeds that your Reiki sessions have already opened for you.

Book your one-on-one healing Reiki session with the wonderful Julie Hinton-Green today, and spring forward into a healthier new you!


Julie Hinton-Green



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Julie Hinton-Green

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Julie Hinton-Green is a Reiki and Energy therapist who is also certified in Timeline Therapy, NLP, hypnosis. Julie brings inner peace through relieving stress and anxiety by centering, balancing and grounding you. Learn more about Julie here, or connect on Facebook and Instagram.

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