Do you or someone you love have anxiety?  It is very common this day in age to suffer from some level of anxiety, and the cause of it can vary greatly from person to person.  Some of the causes linked to high anxiety are: trauma, fears, worries, mental health issues, personality types and substances.

I have always understood that anxiety can really dispute ones mind, thought process, inner peace and overall well-being.  After I read this article by (give this article a good read), I knew I should write a blog reminding people how much Reiki can help with these medical and physical affects.  Reiki is an all natural approach using Energy and no form of prescription drugs.  Anxiety gives you decreased energy, insomnia, a weakened immune system, digestive issues, jaw, tooth and headaches, perspiration or shaking, loss of sex drive, to name a few.

Many people who suffer from anxiety don’t talk about it with their loved ones or don’t seek medical attention because they either don’t realize the signs or are worried others might judge or label them.  Reiki Healing Energy is designed to help balance out the body as you align the 7 chakras.  Having a calm mind and body will then allow you to strengthen your connection to your higher power/spirit.  That new energy cord of strength will give you powerful help over controlling your anxiety and slowly you will notice it fading away….  Reiki Energy will also provide you with a better sense of overall mental balance, will put you back in control and will help you bring peace to some of your stressors.  I offer a specialized session for anxiety where Reiki Healing energy balances out the chakras in the body which allow the flow of Universal Healing energy to begin moving through the body.  In a Reiki session healing energy is channeled to the gut, know as the solar plexus chakra, with either hands-on or off sending healing Universal life force energy to that point.  I also target the jaw and tongue area; since many individuals clench their jaw either during the day or night, sometimes both. This extra tension causes a stiff and clenched jaw which then leads to headaches and grinding of teeth.  Sending a wave of light energy there can really help.  I also encourage people to keep a journal and document the process of incorporating Reiki sessions into their life.