"Julie has been working with our clients at Addiction Rehab Toronto for over two years. She is exceptional at establishing a strong relationship with our clients, many who are struggling through difficult emotional and physical barriers. Julie is non-judgmental, completely inclusive and a very skilled instructor. Clients consistently attend her combination of reiki and yoga groups because of these attributes and look forward to seeing her every week!"

Alexandra Perry - Clinical Supervisor, B.Sc., B.A., A.E. https://addictionrehabtoronto.ca/

"Never having practiced any yoga or meditations, at 51 I was eager yet nervous to start. Dr. Aubrey Green, our family chiropractor, referred me to his wife Julie Hinton-Green. I was anxious, yet excited. The connection with Julie was immediate. She put me at ease and never made me feel intimidated. For over a year and a half now, she has challenged me in every aspect in my life and made me try to be the best possible me, every day. She is gentle and calm, yet assertive to push you for better results each time. The stress of being a business owner is overwhelming, but with yoga and meditation it has cut my anxiety in half. I now know how to shut it down and simply, breathe. For anyone considering practicing with Julie, you will not be disappointed. She has great karma, a good soul!! Thank You Julie, for changing my life!"

Robyn Arndt - President & CEO, Victory Verbatim Reporting Services Inc.  http://victoryverbatim.com/

"When I entered 2018, I decided that the year was going to be filled with gratitude and mindfulness. On my journey, I found Julie, who had suggested that I try a Yoga Reiki session as I mentioned that I was doing weekly yoga and loved how it was making me feel. When I arrived for my first Reiki session, the environment was very calm and welcoming. I was a bit nervous as I had never done Reiki before and wasn't sure what to expect. Before we began, Julie walked me through what our hour together would look like and put on relaxing music. We began our session and it was clear that I would feel very comfortable and calm for the hour. Julie's calm voice and positive energy made me feel relaxed. She talked me through our session and helped me with light stretching. I was amazed at how relaxed I felt after our session. I run a very fast paced life and my mind never stops. Being able to participate in Julie's Reiki sessions gives me the opportunity to remove myself from everything that is going on around me and gives me the opportunity to practice gratitude and to be mindful.

A few months after our first session, I found myself in a situation where I needed positivity and strength. I spoke about it with Julie and she recommended that a try a traditional Reiki session. This session was completely different, yet exactly what I needed. I wouldn't have been able to get through this time of extreme stress without our sessions. I left feeling refreshed, positive and at peace. At the end of each session, I always look forward to the next one. Julie is very compassionate and an expert Reiki practitioner and I highly recommend her. "

Jenna Greenspoon - https://savvysassymoms.com 

I went to visit Julie for several Reiki sessions before my wedding.  She really helped me to achieve a sense of calm and to push through all of those stresses that come with the last minute details…  I just found the sessions so beneficial…  When I became pregnant, a lot of worries arose, but being able to go to see Julie and her being so accommodating and helping you to get that release of negative energy really, really helped and helped me to feel more connected with the baby.  Thank you Julie!”

Olivia Galati - Category Director, Grocery Retailer

"I had a Reiki Session with Julie which was incredibly powerful, calming and healing.  Julie's calming and nurturing nature makes you feel comfortable from the moment you meet her.  I instantly felt comfortable sharing private thoughts and feelings without judgement.  The session was very relaxing.  I felt a range of sensations and emotions which left me feeling refreshed and recharged as I had been experiencing some stale energy that needed shifting in my body.  We had a really great conversation after the session where Julie further explained some things.  It's been 5 days since my session and I continue to feel extremely energized and my body feels more fluid."

Nara Abrams - Founder & Director, Imagine A Cure For Leukemia


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