“What a great experience! I wasn’t sure what Reiki is, and was just looking for more self care during these stressful times. I’ve gone for about 5 sessions every 2-3 weeks, and it’s made such a difference in ways I didn’t expect. After the first session or two, I felt how you feel after a great massage – so relaxed. After a few more sessions, I feel even better and so happy I kept with it. I feel more light, relaxed and centred. Julie’s energy is so peaceful. I highly recommend checking her out!”

Amanda H 

“When I left Julie’s 90 min Reiki session I felt so rejuvenated and uplifted. Her calm positive energy helped me to relax and go deeper into my self. She was very professional and welcoming. I highly recommend Reiki with Julie Hinton- Green.”

Shannon Young – 5/5 Stars on Google My Business

“I started seeing Julie about two months ago and the difference it’s made cannot even be described but here it goes..Just one session every two weeks and I feel like a whole new person. Energetically she’s opened me up, helped me get over past experiences and emotional trauma that were holding me back and now I’m manifesting the life of my dreams. I’ve become far more in tune with my intuition and finding my center, things that with over a year of traditional therapy I was still struggling with. I can not recommend Julie enough, the experience has been life-changing so far!”

Shroomcast TV – 5/5 Stars on Google My Business

“Julie Hinton-Green is a gifted Reiki Master who has provided me a sense of calm and clarity with every practice. I’ve been receiving Reiki treatments from Julie for a few years now and she’s seen me through many life-changing events. Julie’s Reiki sessions helped ease my anxieties and gave me the mental clarity to see the end goal and the path to get there. I always leave feeling completely uplifted and so grateful for all the positives in my life. No matter what you’re going through, I’d highly recommend Reiki sessions with Julie.”

Olivia Galati – 5/5 Stars on Google My Business

“Julie Hinton has been such a key component to our clinical staff and to all the clients at Addiction Rehab Toronto. Her knowledge, education, and experience is helping so many clients heal from trauma, anxiety, depression, and stress. She has been so loyal in her role here at A.R.T. and has made a huge impact on everyone. Addiction Rehab Toronto is very grateful to have Julie apart of our family. If anyone is looking for private 1 on 1 Reiki sessions, Julie Hinton is definitely recommended.”

Addiction Help – 5/5 Stars on Google My Business

“I had my first ever Reiki session with Julie and it was an incredibly relaxing experience. Once the session was over I felt calm and clear. I would highly recommend Julie to anyone!”

Vanessa P – 5/5 Stars on Google My Business

“I met Julie Hinton at the treatment centre I attended. She was the kindest, most welcoming person. Her energy with Reiki healing was an incredible experience that led me to look at energy healing in a different light. She is very talented in her field and I am so grateful to have met her. I look forward to continuing my sessions with her. Thank you Julie.”

James Collen – 5/5 Stars on Google My Business

“I had my second Reiki experience with Julie and it was amazing. I never felt so at peace and calm after our session together. I was so surprised because during our session I was brought to tears, releasing some old pain of someone very close to me who passed away. I felt a huge release and shift in positive energy afterwards. I feel lighter and more clear and look forward to our next session together. Thank you Julie.”

Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe – 5/5 Stars on Google My Business

“I had my first interaction with reiki and it was a beyond amazing experience. Julie is so professional and calming. It was so relaxing and I could feel the negative energies leaving. It was fantastic. I highly recommend Julie to anyone who is interested in trying reiki.”

K. Leite – 5/5 Stars on Google My Business

“Julie is a talented and gifted Reiki master and practitioner. She has an incredible way of healing the mind and restoring calm and peace to the soul. As a professional woman and mother, I am grateful for all that Julie has done for me. She is exceptional, and I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone who needs some time to ground and restore balance while managing a hectic and busy life.”

Melanie Kohn – 5/5 Stars on Google My Business

“I had my first ever reiki session with Julie and I loved it. With three young boys at home, it was amazing to have an opportunity to slow down. I felt amazing afterwards – so calm and refreshed. Julie is exceptionally knowledgeable and made the experience enjoyable from beginning to end! Thank you so much, Julie!”

Stephanie Levy – 5/5 Stars on Google My Business

“My recent reiki sessions with Julie Hinton Green will benefit me for a lifetime. Her practice can be best described as a combination of energy healing and rebirth, yoga and meditation, as well as symbolic ritual, all of which work hand in hand to awaken the best version of the self. In my one-on-one exchanges with her, I was flooded with energy infused with peace, love, and wisdom, which allowed me to feel lighter and develop a stronger grip on life’s many challenges. What I’m perhaps most grateful for is the various takeaways- nuggets of information- in the form of practical tips, practices, and mantras on which I can continue to rely as armour when life’s inevitable obstacles cross my path. My sessions with Julie bore intrinsic value because of her gentle and humble reminder to pause, to exercise patience, and to have empathy and love for every being on earth, including myself.”

Atessa Izadpanah – 5/5 Stars on Google My Business

“Julie was very knowledgeable and accommodating when it came to welcoming me into practicing Reiki for my first few sessions . Highly recommend her. You wont be disappointed .”

Jason Okhowat – 5/5 Stars on Google My Business

“I Had the most wonderful relaxing session with Julie! She really does bring a sense of calmness to the mind and body ! I highly recommend giving her a try!”

Michelle Karacic – 5/5 Stars on Google My Business

“I have had reiki sessions with Julie over the years and they’ve always left me feeling lighter and clearer – however I really feel her development as she continued to strengthen her reiki skills on her own journey to becoming a reiki Master!The most recent session I had with Julie was when I was at a turning point in my life – I had just quit my job of over 5 years and was considering an entire career change. I was feeling very lost before my visit and didn’t really know what I wanted/expected from the session and even in my life! Julie helped me transform the constant chaotic energy I was feeling into a clear plan and path for my day to day future!I would recommend seeing Julie for whatever stage you are at in your own personal journey. Her calming energy and compassion to help others is second to none! She can help you clear old obstacles that are blocking you from your past as well as set exciting new, clear intentions and goals for your future – all the while leaving you feeling grounded and stable in your daily life – providing support and guidance along the way!Thank you SO MUCH Julie for all that you have done for me personally – keep sharing your beautiful loving light with the world!”

Angela Furfaro – 5/5 Stars on Google My Business

“Wonderful experience from start to finish. Great location, beautiful office, excellent Reiki Master Julie Hinton Green. I was totally comfortable and relaxed the whole time which is not always easy for me. I highly recommend making an appointment.”

Michelle Sarracini – 5/5 Stars on Google My Business

“My experience with Reiki from Julie Hinton Green has been profound, uplifting and clear that energy work is necessary to balance your mind body and soul. Her practice has tought me so many things about myself, her techniques are grounding and most calming!! Thank you for your practice, and sharing the light energies of Reiki with me!!”

Sabrina Corrente – 5/5 Stars on Google My Business

“Julie truly is the master of her craft. My first experience with Reiki was positive, emotional and powerful. Julie made me feel right at ease with her calm, centred and professional demeanour. If you are looking to give Reiki a try, look no further and book with Julie. I highly recommend her services!”

Kim Sopman – 5/5 Stars on Google My Business

“Julie has been a blessing in my life – I feel clear minded, balanced, and positive after every session. Her wisdom and knowledge has given me great insight to improve my life and those around me. I consider Julie a great friend and an even better life coach!”

Jason Gorrie – 5/5 Stars on Google My Business

“I see Julie Hinton Green once a month to help with body aches and pains. Her office space and the Reiki Energy really helps me feel calmer and more relaxed. Most important thing for me is I see things through more positive eyes….”

George Gullone – 5/5 Stars on Google My Business

“Julie has been working with our clients at Addiction Rehab Toronto for over two years. She is exceptional at establishing a strong relationship with our clients, many who are struggling through difficult emotional and physical barriers. Julie is non-judgmental, completely inclusive and a very skilled instructor. Clients consistently attend her combination of reiki and yoga groups because of these attributes and look forward to seeing her every week!”

Alexandra Perry – Clinical Supervisor, B.Sc., B.A., A.E. https://addictionrehabtoronto.ca/

“Never having practiced any yoga or meditations, at 51 I was eager yet nervous to start. Dr. Aubrey Green, our family chiropractor, referred me to his wife Julie Hinton-Green. I was anxious, yet excited. The connection with Julie was immediate. She put me at ease and never made me feel intimidated. For over a year and a half now, she has challenged me in every aspect in my life and made me try to be the best possible me, every day. She is gentle and calm, yet assertive to push you for better results each time. The stress of being a business owner is overwhelming, but with yoga and meditation it has cut my anxiety in half. I now know how to shut it down and simply, breathe. For anyone considering practicing with Julie, you will not be disappointed. She has great karma, a good soul!! Thank You Julie, for changing my life!”

Robyn Arndt – President & CEO, Victory Verbatim Reporting Services Inc.  http://victoryverbatim.com/

“When I entered 2018, I decided that the year was going to be filled with gratitude and mindfulness. On my journey, I found Julie, who had suggested that I try a Yoga Reiki session as I mentioned that I was doing weekly yoga and loved how it was making me feel. When I arrived for my first Reiki session, the environment was very calm and welcoming. I was a bit nervous as I had never done Reiki before and wasn’t sure what to expect. Before we began, Julie walked me through what our hour together would look like and put on relaxing music. We began our session and it was clear that I would feel very comfortable and calm for the hour. Julie’s calm voice and positive energy made me feel relaxed. She talked me through our session and helped me with light stretching. I was amazed at how relaxed I felt after our session. I run a very fast paced life and my mind never stops. Being able to participate in Julie’s Reiki sessions gives me the opportunity to remove myself from everything that is going on around me and gives me the opportunity to practice gratitude and to be mindful. A few months after our first session, I found myself in a situation where I needed positivity and strength. I spoke about it with Julie and she recommended that a try a traditional Reiki session. This session was completely different, yet exactly what I needed. I wouldn’t have been able to get through this time of extreme stress without our sessions. I left feeling refreshed, positive and at peace. At the end of each session, I always look forward to the next one. Julie is very compassionate and an expert Reiki practitioner and I highly recommend her. “

Jenna Greenspoonhttps://savvysassymoms.com 

I went to visit Julie for several Reiki sessions before my wedding.  She really helped me to achieve a sense of calm and to push through all of those stresses that come with the last minute details…  I just found the sessions so beneficial…  When I became pregnant, a lot of worries arose, but being able to go to see Julie and her being so accommodating and helping you to get that release of negative energy really, really helped and helped me to feel more connected with the baby.  Thank you Julie!”

Olivia Galati – Category Director, Grocery Retailer

“I had a Reiki Session with Julie which was incredibly powerful, calming and healing.  Julie’s calming and nurturing nature makes you feel comfortable from the moment you meet her.  I instantly felt comfortable sharing private thoughts and feelings without judgement.  The session was very relaxing.  I felt a range of sensations and emotions which left me feeling refreshed and recharged as I had been experiencing some stale energy that needed shifting in my body.  We had a really great conversation after the session where Julie further explained some things.  It’s been 5 days since my session and I continue to feel extremely energized and my body feels more fluid.”

Nara Abrams – Founder & Director, Imagine A Cure For Leukemia


Google Reviews

  • I decided to try Reiki after doing a couple of therapy sessions for my anxiety. I have had two sessions with Julie so far and after each session, I feel as though my body and mind have been refreshed; I feel physically lighter and have a clear mind after each treatment. Prior to each session, Julie asks about the aftermath of your previous treatment, any changes that have occurred in your everyday life, and tailors the Reiki session based on the information you provide and any chakra imbalances that are found. She also suggested little things I can implement in my routine for the problems I brought up to her. Julie offers a warm, welcoming, and calm environment and I look forward to continuing my Reiki sessions with Julie!

    Eva Cubas Vasquez Avatar Eva Cubas Vasquez
    October 1, 2023

    I had the most incredible Reiki experience with Julie. It's difficult to put into words just how transformative and amazing the session was. From the moment I walked into the serene and welcoming space, I knew I was in for something special. The atmosphere was calming, and the energy in the room was palpable. I was warmly greeted by Julie who has the most beautiful calming energy. Julie took the time to explain the process and enlightened me about different crystals and chakras. As I lay down and closed my eyes, I could feel a gentle and soothing energy radiating through me and then I was in a tranquil relaxed state. I felt blockages melting away, and a sense of balance being restored within me. What truly stood out during this experience is Julie’s intuitive and compassionate approach. I can't thank Julie enough for this amazing Reiki experience. If you're seeking healing, balance, and a deeper connection to your inner self, I highly recommend a session.

    All things Fitness Avatar All things Fitness
    October 1, 2023

    Julie is unbelievable. She has such a calming nature and is truly talented at what she does. After every session, I feel at peace and relaxed. In the days after, I feel open to whatever is meant for me. I trust Julie and her calming reiki energy and am grateful for her! If you are looking for reiki, Julie is the one to trust!

    Jenna Greenspoon Avatar Jenna Greenspoon
    October 1, 2023

    I suffer from an anxiety disorder that has troubled me all my life. Julie has helped me rid of certain weights. Parts of my life are easier not only to manage, but to enjoy! Thank you Julie!

    Deborah McKay Avatar Deborah McKay
    September 1, 2023
  • Had an incredible energy work session with you Julie. Thank you so much for the amazing care. I’ve been feeling even better after seeing you. Looking forward to more sessions with you soon. Much love & appreciation ❤️😊🙏🏽 Marcel

    Marcel Jones Avatar Marcel Jones
    September 1, 2023

    I had an amazing reiki treatment a week ago with Julie Hinton Green. And have never felt better. I was energized all night and the next few days. We had a great conversation before and after the session to make the appointment a very comfortable one. If you’re new to reiki she will walk you through it all, and if you’ve had many sessions like myself, it will be a perfect and harmonizing treatment.

    Rose Christina Avatar Rose Christina
    April 1, 2023

    Julie is amazing I highly recommend her!

    Jim Squire Psychotherapy Avatar Jim Squire Psychotherapy
    March 1, 2023

    I have been seeing Julie for reiki for almost four years now. She never fails to rejuvenate and every time I leave, I tell myself "why did I wait so long for another visit?" It's hard for me to calm my racing mind and thoughts sometimes and Julie helps me to recentre and take back control. A lot of times I don't even know what help I need, but I know that I need a positive energy flow that I always get from a reiki session. If you have never tried reiki, you should really consider it.

    Wizdum Designs Inc. Created by MRR. Avatar Wizdum Designs Inc. Created by MRR.
    January 1, 2023
  • My Reiki session with Julie was excellent and incredibly relaxing. Her use of powerful images, intentional sounds and breath work were helpful as we moved through the session. I appreciated her Gentle Calm way as we activated and moved energy. I left feeling Lighter and more Grounded & will definitely return for another appointment. Thank you Julie ✨

    Jill Kelner Avatar Jill Kelner
    January 1, 2023

    I experienced my first Reiki session with Julie. She has a calming and positive presence and I felt immediately relaxed. Julie is extremely professional and knowledgeable as Reiki Master. At the end of the session, I felt a difference physically and emotionally. My body felt more balanced and my stress levels significantly decreased. This was all after one session and I will definitely be going back to Julie to continue changing my mindset and physical well-being. I would highly recommend Julie Hinton Green.

    Rebecca Brass Avatar Rebecca Brass
    November 1, 2022

    Julie is an incredibly talented Reiki practitioner. She has helped me feel more grounded and connected. She truly listens at the beginning of a session and ensures that the intention of the session is met. Julie has helped me work through several issues and is a genuinely talented and gifted practitioner in her field. I would recommend Julie without hesitation to anyone seeking to gain a better understanding of challenges they are facing and to help achieve inner peace.

    Melanie Kohn Avatar Melanie Kohn
    November 1, 2022

    I walked into Julie’s office carrying the weight of all of my responsibilities as a wife and working mother of 3 kids. Within minutes Julie created a non-judgemental calm space for me to open up physically, emotionally, energetically & spiritually. I walked out of her office feeling incredibly calm, focussed and ready to get back to my day. I always thought a massage would be my best option to relax & unwind but I didn’t realize how much I could benefit from a Reiki session. I would highly recommend Julie’s reiki services. She is so kind, compassionate & professional!

    Tali Elfan Avatar Tali Elfan
    November 1, 2022
  • Julie and Levelup Hot Yoga organized a Reiki/Yoga fundraising event on June 12th, We recruited 34 members participating in this event and successfully raised $815 for Yellow Brick House. Julie's Reiki class were phenomenal, with great energy and all our members enjoyed the class very much. Thank you so much for such a huge contribution to this event. Cheemun

    Cheemun Loh Avatar Cheemun Loh
    November 1, 2022

    Julie is a great facilitator, we are lucky to have her working in our facility!!

    Valentino Colavecchia Avatar Valentino Colavecchia
    November 1, 2022

    Julie came highly recommended, and after meeting her, I know why. Immediately in her presence, I felt a sense of peace and ease. And most importantly, I felt safe. She is personable and would check in on me after sessions, which was above and beyond my expectations. Essentially, Julie brought me back to myself. Through my sessions with her, I noticed many changes along the way, not just spiritually/emotionally, but physically - I literally felt as if a "weight" was lifted. I cannot stress enough how important it is to be consistent in committing to your sessions because it truly makes a big difference in your ability to absorb and feel the energy shifts. You don't realize how much the body holds onto until you truly have the chance to let it truly go. Julie is brilliant and I am in gratitude to her. She is gifted.

    Niki V. Avatar Niki V.
    November 1, 2022

    In our current age of always being on the go, feeling so busy, so stressed, so anxious perhaps... Julie Hinton Green has the skills and ability to bring you back to centre. Her reiki master level is apparant as soon as your session begins. Everyone should try reiki.

    Michelle Sarracini Avatar Michelle Sarracini
    November 1, 2022
  • Julie provides a safe environment for one to explore their inner world and emotions. She guides you through some yoga/breath exercises and then on to some reiki work. She provides a safe space for you to communicate any issues or problems you had/have currently/past. She was also nice enough to give some parting gifts here and there. I recommend her to anyone wanting to do reiki work. I had no previous experience with Reiki and she was gentle and courteous in guiding me through the process. Have a nice day.

    Chi Tran Avatar Chi Tran
    November 1, 2022

    Julie is an amazing Reiki teacher. The client enjoy her classes and it’s a safe and peaceful space.

    Alison Peticca Avatar Alison Peticca
    November 1, 2022

    Julie is absolutely incredible! She has helped me so much in my healing journey and her reiki sessions always leave me feeling so much better and at peace with life. I highly recommend Julie to anyone and everyone, she is truly amazing at what she does and I’m forever grateful for her.

    Natasha LaMarche Avatar Natasha LaMarche
    November 1, 2022

    I was in crisis. I have done alot of therapy. I found that feeling vindicated in my experience or that I had every right to feel the way I do, did nothing to alleviate the feelings of anger and resentment that had built. I have experienced alot of trauma in my life and removing my self from the situation was not an option, due to familial and financial reasons. I needed another way to cope. So I jumped into Reike with Julie with both feet. It has helped me to find balance in my life. I had no idea of what Reike was about, I just needed to find a way to cope. I have learned the most important thing, over my sessions that I have ever learned. YOU CANNOT CONTROL ALOT OF THE NEGATIVE THINGS IN YOUR LIFE, WHAT YOU CAN DO IS LEARN TO CONTROL HOW YOU REACT TO THOSE NEGATIVE THINGS. It sounds simple, but being able to put things in perspective and make the changes you can and learning to process the things you can't. Has helped very much. Reike is about balance and finding true inner peace. I have never been able to relax the way that I can now and through this peace comes understanding. I cannot recommend this enough, if you find yourself like me in a situation that is too much, too traumatic or just need to clear your head of everyday life stresses this spiritual approach worked wonders for me and my time with Julie has helped me more than I can even say. Thank you Julie Liam

    Liam Duffy Avatar Liam Duffy
    November 1, 2022
  • This was my first experience with Reiki and I wasn't sure what to expect. Julie made me feel comfortable and at ease as she explained everything she was doing. I quickly relaxed and felt my energy shift and within moments felt as though my mind was connecting on a deeper, more spiritual level. I left feeling a wave of emotions, like something had been lifted from me, making me lighter and more relaxed. Julie sent me home with some new strategies to try, which I have been using daily and find very helpful. I am happy for this opportunity and can see how powerful further Reiki sessions would be.

    Lindsay Pruss Avatar Lindsay Pruss
    November 1, 2022

    Julie is magical. Her healing hands guide you through anything that has caused you unease. I had an amazing first experience and feel such a difference in my energy. I feel at peace and calm and can’t wait to go back for another session. Julie is truly talented and takes pride in her work. Reiki was such a positive and powerful experience, and has left me feeling lighter.

    elise furfaro Avatar elise furfaro
    November 1, 2022

    Julie Hinton Green is a true treasure of masterful healing energy. I highly recommend her services. You get the sense that she is both an expert scientist and a creative artist of the ancient healing modality known as Reiki. I really can’t explain what she does or how she does it, I just know that it works. It kind of feels like a symphony from a beautiful orchestra of light. You start feeling this soft comfortable glow and you realize that Oh My God this stuff works! And it’s so powerful! So basically I am just extremely grateful that Reiki is commonly practiced, and that uncommon people like Julie Hinton Green perfect it.

    Joddy Read Avatar Joddy Read
    November 1, 2022

    Had a great first experience with Reiki. Julie is very professional. Very relaxing and highly recommend it.

    Pat Parenti Avatar Pat Parenti
    November 1, 2022
  • I've been a client of Julie's since July, 2021. Doing Reiki with Julie has helped me significantly and has changed my life for the better. Of course you have to do the work daily and Reiki is just one part of it but having a great Reiki practioner like Julie helps so much. The ambiance, the clarity in her voice and the care she puts during your session leaves you in such peaceful, loving state. My intuition has heightened, less anxiety, more peace, more energy flow and vibration overall. If you are looking for balance, light and positivity through Reiki then I highly recommend you see Julie Hinton-Green 💚🦋 ~ Thank you Julie 🙏🏼

    Leyla Rahmati Avatar Leyla Rahmati
    November 1, 2022

    I have struggled with anxiety all my life and having the opportunity to do a few Reiki sessions have really regulated my baseline. I noticed I'm much calmer with my kids. And feel generally more positive throughout the day. Committing to a series of sessions has also given me some thing to look forward to! Only day I like setting my alarm lately! (It feels like that may be changing a lil after each session ! )

    deb mckay Avatar deb mckay
    November 1, 2022

    Julie and I have had many sessions over the years! Each session offers me something different, it allows me to feel more connected to Hashem the creator of all. 💚Reiki energy has a powerful ability to help my mind and body relax and let go of unwanted stress. I always have a good sleep following her session.

    Brucha Kazman Avatar Brucha Kazman
    November 1, 2021

    Julie is an absolute angel walking earth. Her mastery of Reiki is second to none. As a Reiki Master myself, as well as a trained and certified Theta Healing Practitioner who was also born with multiple gifts and abilities, I feel blessed and lucky on a daily basis to have found Julie and received multiple Reiki sessions with her. It has also been an enormous blessing to be able to gift her services to people in my life who I love. Some of the many tangible benefits from working with Julie have included migraine elimination, better sleep, clearer energy, and all within the loving, compassionate space that Julie holds and shares. Julie - you are a true blessing in every sense of the word. Thank you for being you, for sharing your gifts and your work with me and the world.

    Katherine Elizabeth Avatar Katherine Elizabeth
    November 1, 2021
  • I had a reiki session with Julie and I have such wonderful things to say about her process. She offers a calming, safe space to release energy and realign, and her intuition regarding what came up for me during our session was spot-on. I highly recommend her services.

    Lauren Rivietz Avatar Lauren Rivietz
    November 1, 2021

    I have been to see julie a few times for reiki and have found it to be extremely beneficial to my mental, emotional and spiritual health. Julie is extremely professional and knowledgeable. Her soothing voice and relaxed demeanour creates a peaceful, safe, non judgemental environment. Each time I leave feeling, like I’ve just woken from a deep, satisfying rest. I feel clearer and more focused and in a better position to face the challenges of a busy life with a renewed sense of positivity, mental clarity and peace. I look forward to adding reiki to my life on a regular basis to help maintain the peace and clarity that I feel with every visit. I highly recommend julie to anyone who is curious about reiki and feel that everyone can benefit from this practice.

    Sari C Avatar Sari C
    November 1, 2021

    I had my first reiki session with Julie and it was amazing. I highly recommend her, I’m looking forward to my next session soon. Thank you, Julie!

    Kristina Rourke Avatar Kristina Rourke
    November 1, 2021

    If you're interested but doubting, let me be the one that gives you the extra push - definitely worth the visit to this Reiki Master.

    Paul Scida Avatar Paul Scida
    November 1, 2021
  • Julie's healing hands and crystals are powerful and will help you feel different. I suffer from anxiety and was stressed before, Reiki has helped me feel less stressed, more grounded and balanced. Go in on a regular basis and see the difference! Thank you Julie !

    Toronto Academy of Acting (Showbiz Kids) Avatar Toronto Academy of Acting (Showbiz Kids)
    November 1, 2021

    I have used Julie's Reiki services for both myself and the horses I work with. I first met her while she was practicing her Reiki on my client's horses and I was extremely impressed with her right from the beginning. She's new to working with horses and she was able to pick up on things like ulcers right away. Personally I have found Julie's Ricky treatments to be exceptionally helpful foe staying grounded, clear headed and focused. Julie's Reiki is now part of my regular self-care routine.

    Candice Hudson Avatar Candice Hudson
    November 1, 2021

    Julie and Reiki saved my life. For years, I have been in such a dark, unhappy place in my life. I was just so fed up of being there, stewing in my misery. I couldn’t wait for this horrible chapter of my life to be over. In just 2 sessions , Julie and Reiki were able to help me take such a huge weight off of my shoulders. I saw colours, I felt lighter, dare I say Free. I find joy in the simple things of life again like vibing to music, a walk in the sunshine and journaling. I am so grateful for the healing I have experienced thus far and look forward to continuing my path to healing weekly. Thank you so much Julie for helping me to heal, let go and giving me amazing coping skills to continue moving forward. You are such a light and blessing to this world! -S.M.R.

    Rony Rodriguez Avatar Rony Rodriguez
    November 1, 2021

    I can’t express how much Julie has helped me. My first time experience with Julie was over the phone and it was just as amazing as in person. I am still seeing her and I think I’m hooked. If your thinking of giving her a shot, please do so! Xo

    Deborah Maciel Avatar Deborah Maciel
    November 1, 2021
  • When I left Julie's 90 min Reiki session I felt so rejuvenated and uplifted. Her calm positive energy helped me to relax and go deeper into my self. She was very professional and welcoming. I highly recommend Reiki with Julie Hinton- Green.

    Shannon Young Avatar Shannon Young
    November 1, 2021

    What a great experience! I wasn’t sure what Reiki is, and was just looking for more self care during these stressful times. I’ve gone for about 5 sessions every 2-3 weeks, and it’s made such a difference in ways I didn’t expect. After the first session or two, I felt how you feel after a great massage - so relaxed. After a few more sessions, I feel even better and so happy I kept with it. I feel more light, relaxed and centred. Julie’s energy is so peaceful. I highly recommend checking her out!

    Amanda H Avatar Amanda H
    November 1, 2021

    I started seeing Julie about two months ago and the difference it's made cannot even be described but here it goes.. Just one session every two weeks and I feel like a whole new person. Energetically she's opened me up, helped me get over past experiences and emotional trauma that were holding me back and now I'm manifesting the life of my dreams. I've become far more in tune with my intuition and finding my center, things that with over a year of traditional therapy I was still struggling with. I can not recommend Julie enough, the experience has been life-changing so far!

    Shroomcast TV Avatar Shroomcast TV
    November 1, 2021

    I had my first interaction with reiki and it was a beyond amazing experience. Julie is so professional and calming. It was so relaxing and I could feel the negative energies leaving. It was fantastic. I highly recommend Julie to anyone who is interested in trying reiki.

    k leite Avatar k leite
    November 1, 2020