Angela Furfaro

“I have had reiki sessions with Julie over the years and they’ve always left me feeling lighter and clearer – however I really feel her development as she continued to strengthen her reiki skills on her own journey to becoming a reiki Master!The most recent session I had with Julie was when I was at a turning point in my life – I had just quit my job of over 5 years and was considering an entire career change. I was feeling very lost before my visit and didn’t really know what I wanted/expected from the session and even in my life! Julie helped me transform the constant chaotic energy I was feeling into a clear plan and path for my day to day future!I would recommend seeing Julie for whatever stage you are at in your own personal journey. Her calming energy and compassion to help others is second to none! She can help you clear old obstacles that are blocking you from your past as well as set exciting new, clear intentions and goals for your future – all the while leaving you feeling grounded and stable in your daily life – providing support and guidance along the way!Thank you SO MUCH Julie for all that you have done for me personally – keep sharing your beautiful loving light with the world!”