Atessa Izadpanah

“My recent reiki sessions with Julie Hinton Green will benefit me for a lifetime. Her practice can be best described as a combination of energy healing and rebirth, yoga and meditation, as well as symbolic ritual, all of which work hand in hand to awaken the best version of the self. In my one-on-one exchanges with her, I was flooded with energy infused with peace, love, and wisdom, which allowed me to feel lighter and develop a stronger grip on life’s many challenges. What I’m perhaps most grateful for is the various takeaways- nuggets of information- in the form of practical tips, practices, and mantras on which I can continue to rely as armour when life’s inevitable obstacles cross my path. My sessions with Julie bore intrinsic value because of her gentle and humble reminder to pause, to exercise patience, and to have empathy and love for every being on earth, including myself.”